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Review Dropbox

Jay Feldman
Powerful functionality, nice interface, simple design, fully-featured free version
Monthly fee for more space, lags a bit
Dropbox for Android is one of my favorite go-to apps. I use it daily and find it to be invaluable for productivity and convenience. But be prepared to spend money if you need more space.
Dropbox is like having your own personal assistant; easily upload, share and backup all your important files to your own online cloud storage account. Everything syncs automatically with their desktop companion app, so all your files are available on any companion device across all platforms.
My favorite feature is the automatic camera upload. Virtually every picture taken with your gizmo is automatically uploaded to your Dropbox cloud storage, moments after the picture is taken. As someone who takes literally hundreds of screenshots and pictures on a daily basis, this auto upload feature has proven to be an enormous time saver. All I do is shoot the pictures, and within moments, I can access them on my laptops and other connected devices, all without doing a thing; no wasted time or redundant steps. Dropbox does all the heavy lifting for me.
The interface is clean and simple. Create folders, move files and share direct links all with ease. No more emailing yourself files; Dropbox’s upload feature is integrated into virtually every share option on your gizmo. Just tap the share icon and select “Upload to Dropbox.”
The biggest downside of Dropbox is the cost. It’s $10 a month for 100gb of storage. I believe they give you 5gb for free, but I burned through that pretty quick. However, I managed to get an additional 45gb for free just by inviting friends and completing simple actions; each was rewarded with an additional 5gb of free cloud storage. So it is possible to increase your disk space without paying for it, provided you’re willing to do the leg work.
Dropbox is fantastic. Yes, there are tons of cloud storage services out there, but for me, Dropbox does it best and is the easiest to use. Love it and I'd be lost without it.

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I'm having trouble downloading dropbox app on my moto G phone It says it's installed But no app
jackie husbands
I am having problems. Can you send an .exe file to bajanboy200@hotmail.com. 1 would like a version for my galaxy 4s. Thank you.
what do I need to open an epub book from an email on kobo arc 7 hd
How do I change my location on my samsung mini 3 in order to download this app
Vlad Popa
Dropbox is an extensive app that can be installed on as many devices as needed. Simply download the app and sync it with an existing account, if you have one, or create a new one if you are a first time user and it should be good to go.
Let me know if you require more assistance, but please provide more details about the issues you are having.
kadir martu new
Kadir Marty new?
How to get dropbox with existing account on one plus one handset.
Tariq Abdulla
hey there, all you need to do is download dropbox on your handset, and log in with your username and password
emily tolintino
Hi, how can i download viber for samsung s5301
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