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Review Township

Kirill Muhin
Township - is a fascinating economic simulator for Android, which will allow you to feel like the mayor of a small town. Erect buildings, crops grown and produced goods supply. Increase and develop their future metropolis, increasing its production capacity and improving the welfare of citizens. Build a huge and beautiful city that will become the center of the world.
In addition to normal sound economic component, the game has drawn graphics and quality. The world around us, buildings and other elements drawn well and with ideas. You will see a large number of animated elements that enliven the picture. As a result, the gameplay can simply watch, wondering how everything revolves and works for the benefit of the city.


The main difference between this simulator is that in addition to building you have to deal with the production of goods, as well as trade. Incidentally, production of end products can take place in several stages. For example, to get bread, you need to plant corn, then collect it and send it to the bakery. Products can be sold or exchanged, and the sale will take place with neighboring cities, or your friends at the game.
In plants, in your city, there are people, and therefore have to build homes, recreational buildings and other structures such as monuments and parks. If you can properly balance the economic and consumer aspects, your village will begin to grow in leaps and bounds. And to accelerate this process, additional money that you can get for performing different tasks.
By controlling the city and completing quests, you will increase the level and with every levelup `th will open new buildings, plants and decorations. It is noteworthy that the game has a large set of famous monuments and buildings, such as the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and many others. With their help, you can create your own unique and impressive metropolis, which is not ashamed to show off to friends.

Township for Android Features:

  • High-quality hand-drawn graphics,
  • Production of goods;
  • economic component;
  • Availability famous monuments;
  • Many additional jobs.
Serious deficiencies are unable to find all done efficiently and wisely. Unpleasant thing was only Donat, but this attack is, in the vast majority of these simulations, so it is not surprising. Also, very predictable and that the game is distributed free of charge. Some might upset the need to use the Internet, through which the synchronization from the server and the interaction with other players.


Total . Township can proudly rise above its competitors due to the production system and introduced a simplified economic model. In this game, your duties will not be limited banal building, now you need to engage more and producing food. Undoubtedly attract the attention of new fans of urban simulation.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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Carlos Augusto
Eu jogava Township até ontem quando precisei formatar meu celular e depois disso da ao baixar que o mesmo não é compatível.

Celular Samsung Galáxias Se mini. Android 4.4.2
I bought a new kindle fire will I be able to play township on my old one and my new one or can it only be on one kindle?
Brandon Girod
You have to download it on the Amazon app store. Here's a link:
I Was Upgrading My Township App,But it want open or Connect Level 75?
 i kdow no   
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