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Google Drive
Google Drive
Google Drive
Google Drive

Review Google Drive

Alexander Vorobyev
Google Drive is an official client of the same-named service for Android devices. It is a revolutionary cloud storage platform that gives you 5 GB of space on cloud servers for free. You can store any kind of documents like text, photos, and videos and share them with your friends.
This app was downloaded over 50 mln times and therefore it’s constantly updated. It features a smart minimalist design and copies functionality of the service web interface except for creation of certain files. The only thing you need to start using Google Drive is a stable Internet connection.

Interface and capabilities

The program has a simple interface. You can start the app using a shortcut or neat home screen customizable widget. When you are signed in, you will see three buttons in the bottom menu: upload a file, create a file (document, folder, spreadsheet), or scan something by taking a photo and saving it as a PDF file.
Let’s say that you’ve created a text document, which is exactly what this service is used for. Just start typing and use it like any other text editor with advanced writing tools. Once everything is done, tap on info button at the top of the screen and share it with anyone via email. Note that you don’t need to sign up with Google Drive if you already have a Google account. In this case, all files will be synchronized between your devices.

Key features of Google Drive for Android:

  • Neat minimalist interface;
  • Easy to use;
  • Lots of writing tools;
  • Support of file sharing;
  • Support of cheap space extension.


Google Drive is a great cloud storage app for Android that partly copies features of the web interface and lets you easily access your files wherever you are.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 6/10
Design 8/10
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