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Review Wunderlist

Sergei Petrov
Wunderlist - is madly simple task manager with support for cloud-based synchronization. With this, you can easily bring all things in order and do not forget the way.
Functionally, the application is no different from the many task managers, with the only difference being that the creators of Wunderlist, studio 6Wunderkinder, went to their product with great love and awe, perfecting every element of the interface. In general, the design had no complaints, it is excellent.
All tasks in the program can dump as a single list, and split for easy on daddy. Only one level of nesting, and create a folder within a folder does not work. This, of course, a disadvantage, but simplicity requires sacrifice.
For any problem, you can add a note, select the date and set a reminder alert signal, or by mail. Selected problems can be marked with an asterisk, and it will always be first in the list. Use the tabs at the bottom of the screen you can view tasks for today elected or undated. In general, to get lost in the problems just will not work.
Important and the key point is online synchronization Wunderlist with cloud server. Since the application has clients for all operating systems, you will easily be able to continue with the tasks at home on the computer.

How to use Wunderlist?

Perfect recipe for using task managers do not exist, each application adapts to your own life. The simplest and most obvious is to fill jobs on the computer. For example, create a daddy "shopping list" and are put back all the things that must be purchased. Go to the store and on the smartphone tested against the list, noting points made.


Wunderlist program is absolutely free, without any restrictions, and not only for Android, but for all operating systems. Client PC can be downloaded from the official website of the developers. There you can sign up and try the web-based application.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 6/10
Design 10/10
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