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Pilot Brothers 2

Pilot Brothers 2Pilot Brothers 2Pilot Brothers 2Pilot Brothers 2Pilot Brothers 2Pilot Brothers 2Pilot Brothers 2


Kirill Muhin
Posted: Kirill MuhinTested 15 May 2017 on ASUS Nexus 7

Quest about adventures of famous detectives

Pilot Brothers 2 - a continuation of the wonderful quest for Android, which you along with Brothers Pilots to untangle another case. The story begins with the kidnapping of a faithful companion Pilots - cat arsenic. Criminal act, as it turned out, made culinary experimenter Sumo, which intends to use the cat in gastronomic purposes. And return the other to punish the thief will be very difficult, because it will have to make a long journey, full of riddles and puzzles.
Comic plot emphasizes graphics that successfully transitioned from the cartoon. Funny characters and the world are made in Russia entourage 90s, with its ruin and the last remnants of the Soviet system. Cities, streets and even have a good drawing room, and the characters are quirky look. At the same time, you will hear a lot of dialogues and individual statements that abound jokes. Separately want to note the presence of videos that reveal some of the mysteries of detective stories.


Gameplay mechanics is based on the principle of point & click, that is, you will need to Tapan on different areas of the screen to perform a certain action. It is noteworthy that on the locations you find a large number of objects, each of which has its purpose. I combine found objects and building a logical chain, you will be able to achieve the goal. But it should make a reservation that logic and even savvy you little help. The fact that some of the puzzles is absurd, and to guess the solution can only be accidental.
The main goal of the game - to find and rescue arsenic. But before you can complete their work will have to overcome a lot of obstacles, and go the hard way. In case if you find yourself at a dead end (and it will happen often), you will be able to use the tips. The first "rescue" bonus will highlight an area or a hero who should be involved at this stage of the progress of task. The second crib is a real "video manual", showing a complete walkthrough.
The control system is based on the principle of simple Taps. But work with inventory deserves some explanation. In the right part of the screen is the control panel, there are presented the collected items and active character. By the way, it is very important how you control the hero is because each of the brothers may interact with the same subject in different ways. To use an object from a bag, you must first choose tapnuv on icon in the inventory, then click again to the desired area location. By and large, no difficulties should not cause management.

Features Pilot Brothers 2 for Android:

  • Cartoon graphics;
  • Funny characters;
  • Comedic plot;
  • Many locations and items;
  • Easy system management.
In terms of graphics, design flaws and plot no. But gameplay error is still there, and they consist in the fact that some tasks are simply absurd and find a solution for them with logic impossible. But it is worth noting that such a construction puzzles typical for this series. Quest can try for free, but in Free-version is available only one location, to open all the chapters have to pay through the game interface.


Pilot Brothers 2 - the quest, made in the tradition of point & click, surely please fans of the genre and the series of games. An unusual story, comic characters and situations make the gameplay fun and unusual and challenging puzzles compel sit in the passing game more than one day.
Final ratings
Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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