Fiz: Brewery Management Game
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Fiz: Brewery Management Game
Fiz: Brewery Management Game
Fiz: Brewery Management Game
Fiz: Brewery Management Game
Fiz: Brewery Management Game

Review Fiz: Brewery Management Game

Kirill Muhin
Fiz: Brewery Management Game - an unusual simulator for Android, in which you will lead a small home brewery. Together with four friends, you must establish a stable and possibly profitable production of beer. Equip the garage, installing all the necessary machines and start to work.
Graphics in the game is made in the retro style, with simple design. Despite the fact that all events will take place in a single room, accused of monotony developers can not. You will see several dozen characters, among which will be really strange personality. In addition to this space, you can beat the different units, changing the appearance of the brewery. Thus, the whole picture looks interesting, albeit modestly.


The essence of the game is quite simple - drink brew and sell it and use the money to upgrade your equipment. The production process itself is built just you need to choose a recipe, buy the ingredients and distribute tasks among heroes. Everything else will take place automatically. After the beer is bottled, it is sent to the market, with the price set at random, but the main thing is not much to inflate the selling price, otherwise foamy drink will remain in stock.
Gradually, you will unlock new recipes, which in total there are more than 60 pieces. Each requires its ingredients, but the manufacturing process is the same. Depending on the final product formulation different turns, and its cost may vary. But you need not choose the most expensive, and the hottest product on the market, then you can get more profit.
Almost all management is carried out in a tabular format, that is, you will need to choose a recipe, pick up employees and implement the final product, just tapaya the buttons and lists. And although it looks primitive, in fact proved to be very interesting gameplay, and even fun. By the way, according to the developers to complete passage will require about 20 hours of continuous play.

Features Fiz Brewery Management Game:

  • The original idea;
  • 60 different drink recipes;
  • The ability to hire and improve staff;
  • Interestingly built gameplay;
  • Various achievements and awards.
If we reject the schedule, the deficiencies in the game not so much. You can pay attention to a rather complex system of interaction and uncontrolled sale. However, to understand all the intricacies can be for a few hours already and lead meaningful production and trade. The cost of new items in this case is $ 2, which is not so much an original idea.


Fiz: Brewery Management Game - This game stands out from the other economic simulators its unusual idea. Opportunity to become a brewery can manage to attract many players, but some realism will test their skills merchant.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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