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Review Hoplite

Kirill Muhin
Hoplite - a game for Android, made ​​in the genre of "bagel" (a kind of RPG with infinite gameplay and randomly generated levels) with tactical elements. Together with the knight you will need to go down in a frightening dungeon, filled with the most dangerous creatures and monsters. Try to get to the deepest level, punching their way through crowds of enemies.
If you're familiar with this genre, then you know that the graphics are modest tribute to the traditions and puts this claim is not worth it. Making same holds good, though the levels look the same, random generation makes them diverse. But despite the simplicity, the picture turned out yet atmospheric.


The game is made strictly according to the traditions of roguelike, which means that you expect endless gameplay with constantly generated levels. Each subsequent floor dungeon layout will be different and the number of enemies, while there will always be two elements: the building of knowledge and output. First of all you need to get to the first facilities where you will be able to improve the characteristics of the hero. Then you can move to the exit. By and large, only need to kill those enemies that stand in your way.
All actions on the battlefield will take place step by step, what distinguishes the tactical component. Before each step should be to assess the situation and choose the safest course, which will come close to the target and to evade all attacks. Hero has three additional skills: helmet blow, a big jump and throw a spear. Each skill will come in handy during the passage level.
To control the knight you will need to simply Tapan on screen. Moving through the cells of the location, you have to be prudent, and to keep the enemy's position. By clicking on the enemy, you will see its attacking zone that will avoid damage and make a counterattack at the right time. But keep in mind that each enemy has its own peculiarities.

Hoplite Features for Android:

  • The game is made by the canons of the genre roguelike;
  • Simple graphics with atmospheric decor;
  • Random generation levels;
  • Endless gameplay;
  • Tactical battles.
If the game was made in a different genre, the graphics and gameplay could be described as awful, but for a bagel is the most optimum level. In addition, the full version can be obtained only charge costs $ 2 (buy through the interface of the game), while it includes a number of important improvements. Try out the game can still be free, but as you realize with some restrictions.


Hoplite - a new game for fans of the genre roguelike, made in compliance with all traditions. Tactical, turn-based battles and infinite number of randomly generated levels are the main features of this game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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Hypnotoad01 Mar 2014, at 00:11Amazon Kindle Fire
Best game ever!
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