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Epic Launcher
Epic Launcher
Epic Launcher
Epic Launcher
Epic Launcher
Epic Launcher
Epic Launcher
Epic Launcher

Review Epic Launcher

Kirill Muhin
Epic Launcher - a new launcher for Android devices, allowing radically change the interface to remake it in the manner of KitKat. After installing the application, you can change the appearance of the desktop, the main menu, and many other aspects. In addition to the new interface, you will get additional features, which are also borrowed from the latest version of the Android OS.
Alternative launcher has a good elaboration. Complete replacement icons, sleek appearance of most elements transform and significantly improve the design. The application has a high quality rendering of all the components that are very happy and allows you to get high quality images on any device.

Application features

Installing and using the launcher does not cause any difficulties, it automatically replaces the standard user interface. It is very important point is that the application does not require root privileges, which means you can use it on any device.
In addition to design changes, launcher adds some features that have been added to the KitKat. In particular, it is possible to cause the "search" and Google Now just slide the last desktop. You can also completely change the text size and color of all icons and widgets. Among the other features include:
  • More than 16 icons in a folder;
  • Effects when scrolling screens;
  • Compatible with packages from Nova Launcher icons, Apex Launcher , Go Launcher;
  • Support for gestures;
  • Adding and removing applications from the Quick menu;
  • Customizable lock screen.
All features of the application are easily adjusted, as a result, you can add or remove any function that lets you customize the launcher by itself. No less important is the fact that the program consumes a small amount of system resources, therefore, its use has almost no effect on the operating speed.

Features Epic Launcher for Android:

  • Changing the user interface;
  • Additional functions;
  • Easy to install and use;
  • Backup and restore settings;
  • Minimal use of system resources.
Overall, the program is executed efficiently and wisely. Textures, icons and design elements are drawn in a very high quality, which makes the appearance attractive. Implemented features also not satisfactory, they work consistently and without bugs. As for the disadvantages, it should be noted that some features can only be opened in Premium-version, which costs $ 4. Secondly, resizing widgets works correctly with a small number of applications, the same can be said about the icons.


Epic Launcher - another launcher, which competes with giants such as Go Launcher and Nova Launcher , and, of course, many aspects of losing. The program is suitable for those who want to try out the new Android user interface and some of the features introduced in the KitKat. If you want to get a complete replacement for the standard interface, then there is the novelty will not be able to help.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 6/10
Design 8/10
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as lenovo s660 doesnt provide a default app launcher all apps get displayed on screen. can we avoid dis by using epic launcher? can the apps from screen be moved to the launcher instead? please reply.
Vlad Popa
Yes, i believe it will suit your needs. Installing Epic Launcher will replace your default user interface. This means you will have no, or at least limited access to the old interface, but you should still have your installed apps available.
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