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Review Archangel

Kirill Muhin
Archangel - this action RPG for Android, where you join the ranks of the best celestial warriors, becoming an archangel. Will fall on your shoulders heavy load save paradise and all mankind. Demons, long languishing in hell decided to try again to arrange the apocalypse, which means that someone has to stop them. In your hands is the grace of God and the holy faith in justice, and that will be enough for the war.
On this subject was released a few games, such as, SoulCraft , but the novelty of its captivating atmosphere. The game world looks bleak - dilapidated buildings, medieval surroundings and blazing skies, with the help of this creates a sense of hopelessness. Quality three-dimensional graphics is rather average. Locations and models drawn well enough, but they lack detail. Physics and animation are made worse as a result of demons, like the hero himself, moving rapidly and monotonously as wooden dolls. But the opposite effects delight, they look bright, colorful and diverse, which greatly decorate gameplay.


Throughout the game you will drive a constant battle with the demons, the truth destroy them you will not by the sword, and faerbollami that easily lets the hero of his hands. And it looks quite strange, because he is holding a sword is still there, but he flatly refused to wave it. But this disadvantage can be forgiven if, in the course of the game did not have to constantly change swords, to improve the performance of attack. So it is unclear why a huge shield, which the archangel just never used.
Battles between look quite rich, though mostly they are in the distance. You need to keep your distance as melee force of impact is significantly reduced. As it is necessary to bear in mind that the hero does not know how to dodge enemy attacks, and if you let a demon close, it will become an easy target. And this nuance could be fatal, but fortunately, the demons are surprisingly short-sighted. They can go ten paces and they will not notice you until you strike. Further, they can be easy to get away and shoot from afar.
RPG component disappoints no less than the mechanics of battle. All you trust - a change of wardrobe. You can equip the Archangel new weapons, armor, shield, and other elements that will be reflected in its characteristics. About pumping and improve skills developers apparently did not hear or did not want to mess with the balance. As a result, classify the genre of RPG game can only conditionally.
For dessert we've got control. Here the developers have decided to show their innovative abilities. All control is transferred to the gestures and tapas, no usual joysticks and buttons. And it's fair to say that the final result was very successful. Movement on the location provided tapami, ie, you click on the destination to which you reach the archangel. The main attack just a simple press of the enemy, but all the extra strokes and gestures activated abilities. New opportunities are opening up as the game progresses, and with them in your arsenal will be new gestures. Although there are still shortcomings. In particular, in some cases too quickly tapnuv hero teleports. In other situations, it may be contrary to ignore the order to attack, which often occurs with complex gestures.

Features Archangel for Android:

  • Interesting storyline;
  • Atmospheric three-dimensional graphics;
  • 30 levels with many enemies;
  • Epic battles with the bosses;
  • Gesture control.
Once again, it makes no sense to list the shortcomings, but once it is clear that the game is on the thin border, and developers simply do not have the strength to make quality RPG. Disadvantages can be seen in virtually every aspect, from the graphics to the gameplay. As a result, the cost of $ 2 seems unnecessarily large and worth several times to think before buy it.


Archangel - the idea is really interesting, because the battle between heaven and hell can not be boring. But the potential of ideas developers have not been able to realize, and they pierced almost everywhere. Ardent fans of role-playing games is recommended not to spoil their nerves and pass by as the genre of RPGs have very little. But if you do not like complex pumping system and just want to soak monsters, the novelty can come to your taste.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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