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Flipps HD
Flipps HD
Flipps HD
Flipps HD
Flipps HD
Flipps HD
Flipps HD

Review Flipps HD

Kirill Muhin
Flipps HD - is an entertaining Android app through which you will always be able to watch TV. In the arsenal of the program includes more than 100 different channels, which broadcast movies, music videos, cartoons, news and more. It is noteworthy that in the list are well-known and large channels such as FOX, CNN, BBC, Washington Post and others. But in addition to airing in the online mode, the app makes it easy to synchronize your device with SmartTV or game console for viewing video content on the big screen.
The interface looks simple and stylish at the same time. No unnecessary elements or pretentious menu, you can say that is the beauty of brevity. The color scheme is also matched perfectly - red and white, and a small addition of blue tones. Navigation get comfortable and sophisticated, allowing easy to understand and easy to use application.

Application features

The main purpose of the application - to play TV channels online. At first glance pleases a large variety of content and renowned broadcaster. As a result, each user can find the transfer to their liking. Of course, you can watch for free, only a limited number of programs for the rest have to pay or make a subscription, which is realized through the service Wibi.
Additional and very useful feature is the ability to remote video playback with Android-based device on SmartTV or media consoles. It is noteworthy that the synchronization and data transmission is as simple as possible. You will not need any extra action, enough to TV and your device are in the same WiFi-network, the application does the rest.
As for the built-in player, then it is quite simple. It has a minimal set of functions of the additional features include: selection screen for playback device (TV or otherwise), automatic repeat, mixing, and a button "to share through social networks."

Features Flipps HD for Android:

  • Stylish interface;
  • Easy navigation;
  • More than 100 channels;
  • Synchronization with TV;
  • Video as HD.
And now it's time to talk about the shortcomings. First, despite the large number of channels is really interesting content is hard to find, especially in the free zone. Second, developers too rarely update media archive, as a result of new items rarely get there. The quality of the video have no complaints, most of the channels are broadcast in HD, which undoubtedly will please everyone. Turning to the additional function should make a reservation that the application works not with all devices. During testing, managed to establish synchronization with SmartTV from Samsung, and, as the developers have promised without the mess. But with TVs from LG meet difficulties reported by some users.


Flipps HD - comparing it to similar application can easily find a number of advantages, and perhaps most importantly - it's ability to sync with the TV. Set of channels is large enough that will please fans of TV. You can download free Lite-version, in which there is advertising and fewer HD-channels. The full version costs $ 5, and of course it has been removed and added advertising channels.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 6/10
Design 10/10
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