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Paper Munchers
Paper Munchers
Paper Munchers
Paper Munchers
Paper Munchers

Review Paper Munchers

Evgenii Kostrov
Paper Munchers - this is a great arcade game in which you are waiting for challenging tasks that require logical thinking. The main and only goal in this game is feeding toothy monsters weaker beings. In order to gain access to the next level, you have to feed all the colored children, available on the board.
Despite the fact that from the jaws of the toothy monsters after eating fly very real skeletons and sherds, a feeling that the little animals made of sponge and covered with fluffy material with the eyes. At least as evidenced by the way they bounce off obstacles in the explosions. Poor pussies different shape and color, which would play a crucial role for successful passage levels.

Goals and objectives

So, to send another batch of little monsters into the jaws of the toothy brutes, you must use the power of the blast wave. Your every touch on the screen will cause the breaking, which will endure poor fellows crowd in a certain direction, and you have to carefully select the site of the explosion, so that all made it safely to toothy throats.

Additional Terms in Paper Munchers

It would seem that it is quite simple ... In fact, you will find a caveat, which is the limited amount of explosives. This is where we can help and knowledge about the color palette of the monsters. As you can see, sharp-toothed monsters have the same coloring as their food. So, if at the time of the next explosion in the mouth of a monster hit sacrifice certain shade of the same color, you will receive one additional bomb.
It does not matter how many little monsters will be eaten by a sharp-toothed monsters same color. In one move, you can get a maximum of one bomb. The game is quite a serious approach to physics, and you will see just the right trajectory of the victims and their rebound of obstacles depending on what speed collision occurred and what part of the body.


Graphics and SoundIn graphic terms the game is made for quite a decent level. All the details and the characters well drawn and animated. Sound very funny. Particularly interesting to respond to the outcome level toothy monsters: If you lose, you will hear a discontented growl, and if successful, the juicy burp.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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