Whale Trail Frenzy
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Whale Trail Frenzy
Whale Trail Frenzy
Whale Trail Frenzy
Whale Trail Frenzy
Whale Trail Frenzy
Whale Trail Frenzy

Review Whale Trail Frenzy

Sergei Petrov
If you just want to relax and play in a simple, but colorful and unobtrusive arcade, the Whale Trail Frenzy is perfect for this purpose. In this game we have to control a flying whale, which is strange circumstances surf the clouds, not the seas and oceans.
Geimpley to madness is simple: when you click on the screen, your kit will fly up, and when you release your finger, the kit will descend. Now you just need to restrain afloat, collect stars, balls and not to fall into the hands of stormy clouds. Sometimes, after collecting the balls and bonuses, you will turn on the turbo mode, in which all the clouds will scatter in fear before you. By the way, if you strongly squeeze the button, the whale is not just fly up, and still make a beautiful somersault, which is useful for complex curves.

Features Whale Trail Frenzy for Android

  • Impeccable graphics and animation;
  • Pleasant sound;
  • Responsive and easy gameplay;
  • The set of in-game bonuses (characters, artwork, upgrades, etc.).
The magic of the game is an excellent graphics and animation. In Whale Trail Frenzy all objects shimmer with bright colors, flying whale itself is constantly changing shape, and the storm clouds are building funny faces. When looking at the screenshots may seem like child's play, but it's not playing the same love for both children and adults.


That game could not you quickly get bored, have been added to various bonuses and amplifiers, which you can buy for points, obtained in the game. Of course, for a free game to pay the presence of a few annoying ads and intrusive system in-app purchase.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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