My Little Plane
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My Little Plane
My Little Plane
My Little Plane
My Little Plane
My Little Plane
My Little Plane

Review My Little Plane

Evgenii Kostrov
My Little Plane - this is a great air combat simulator in which you operate ridiculous pot-bellied planes and try to destroy all enemies. Despite the fact that the planes look childish, fighting in the sky unfold such that not all of these simulators can be put on a par with this game. In the game only two options: "Multiplayer" and "Survival."


Mode "Multiplayer" speaks for itself, and in order to play it, you will need stable Internet connection. In the "survival" you only limit state aircraft and ammunition. As a rule, each airplane will be installed machine gun and rocket launcher. By quantity of ammunition does not clear up, and have to save as missiles and ammunition for the machine gun. And while testing was seen following fact: if the enemy release on one rocket, they will need at least two, and if let out just two missiles, destroy the first enemy plane, and the other will fly to nowhere.
Of course, after you killed the next wave of the enemy (if it is not the first wave), your balance will increase by a certain amount of silver and gold coins. Then you can buy bullets, missiles, or even change the weapon, but you both want to change the plane, not to spend money on such things as ammunition for the machine gun. In general, the choice to be serious - or kopim a normal attack, or shoot the civilized weapon.

Control in My Little Plane

Control of the game is very well thought out and comfortable. For the height of the flight and taxi meets accelerometer. The left side of the screen you will see a button speed control aircraft. On the right of the screen are buttons that are responsible for the firing of a machine gun and rocket production. Incidentally, the gun has the ability to cool, after which you'll have to wait a while, so he jotted again. At the bottom right is a button that is responsible for the form, and the opposite (left) is a button that activates the capture mode and shows you in which a radius from the center of the front sight you can keep the enemy plane to destroy it with a pair of shots.
In addition to control by virtual buttons in the game is the control by svaypov, and it allows the aircraft to fabricate such tricks that you might never have imagined. In general, svaypy horizontally to the left and right plane forced to do so-called "barrel", which can be used to evade enemy missiles and machine gun fire. Svayp down force plane to make a "loop the loop", and so quickly, that you are less than a second to change the direction of flight. Svayp up allows you to gain a little height. By the way, if you decide to rise too high, you will stop the autopilot, and within seconds the aircraft you will not listen.


Graphics and SoundIn graphic terms the game was pretty well and in some cases even funny. The game world is huge 3D-scene. Animations and effects are pretty good, and it is unlikely you will be to focus on some details. Sound is consistent gameplay. This will be the music, tune in to a protracted dogfight, and sound effects from the use of your arms and whistling bullets enemy.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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