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Orcs Must Survive
Orcs Must Survive
Orcs Must Survive
Orcs Must Survive

Review Orcs Must Survive

Evgenii Kostrov
Orcs Must Survive is a great game for Android-devices, which is almost complete analog familiar to many toys Plants vs Zombie. Finally there were the developers, who have realized that the average user is already beginning nauseated by these green bags with bones, and they found a rather amusing way out. Orcs, of course, a far cry from the above-mentioned members of the underworld, but the variety is felt in any way.

Goals and gameplay in Orcs Must Survive

So, you'll be performing with the people of the forest, which are regularly attacked by the royal army. At your disposal are the Orcs, who can shoot a bow, good holding spears and other implements that could be found in those days. Royal Army will consist of the heralds and knights. And the first is also armed and dangerous for the Orcs in the melee, and the latter can be in light wooden lats and in heavy metal armor.
If you think that to cope with the knight, dressed in light armor, it will be very easy, then you are sadly mistaken, because its main advantage is speed. Naturally, despite the slowness of knights wearing heavy armor, they have very strong armor. In general, it appears that all the warriors of the royal army are one and the same, the degree of danger, danger. As the passing game range enemies, and your characters will be increased, and those knights you face early in the game will become tougher.

Aids and the nuances of the gameplay

After some time in your arsenal will not only orcs, but other aid, which should ease your task. One cell becomes a swampy area, which significantly reduces the speed of the attacking side. Naturally, this cell will act only to the horizontal row in which it is installed. With another game to compare Plants vs Zombie, it is worth mentioning that here you will not see any of sunflowers and other elements of handing out money to buy Freestuff orcs.


Money for the successful conduct of the battle are earned only through the destruction of the royal army, and they are expressed in the number of steaks. Shortly after the appearance of the ability to post marsh swamp, you will appear and above pieces of flesh hanging over the fireplace. Their placement on the playing field will increase the amount of money earned and, therefore, will allow you to hire more orcs. At the beginning of each level you will see in the upper left corner of the screen after five shards, corresponding to the number of lives. Accordingly, you can safely skip the battle for the success of the four enemies at the half. Fifth missed Knight will make you start the level over.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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