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Android System InfoElectricSheep (Patrick Bouliou)
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Released: 02 Dec 2011 Updated: 23 Jan 2014 Version: 1.26.0

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Evgenii Kostrov
Understand more about your device
Reviewed by: Evgenii Kostrov(tested 07 Aug 2012 on Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II)
Android System Info - this is quite a useful application for Android-devices, which will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with his devaysom closer. With it you can get information about the CPU of your pet, on the capacity of its external, internal and memory and the state of the battery (voltage, temperature and remaining battery percentage) display and Internet connection.

Tracking system, processes and reports


In addition to information on the "hardware", Android System Info program will provide you with a full report of active processes and logs, retaining detailed information about how the system works and what functions the device used. As for the process manager, it is able to not only provide information about the past, but also to stop them. There is also a manager of installed applications, which will tell what version of the software, and how much space it occupies.

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