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Release date: 23 Dec 2010 Updated: 18 Jun 2013 Version: 1.9 Size: 31k


Reboot your device in one tap
Reviewed by: Evgenii Kostrov
Fast Reboot is a great program that allows you to unload the memory of Android-devices in one click. According to the developer of the application during its activation is actually a complete system reboot, restart all of the processes responsible for the operation device and close all applications running in the background (even completely unresponsive), but without having to reboot the device.
Based on this, you can get the most efficient release of memory for only 2 - 3 seconds instead of having to wait a minute or even two in a full device reboot. Entering the setting of this small program, you can set the time when your device will automatically restart all processes, or specify an action, which will cause a quick reboot. For example, each time removing the smartphone from the lock or, alternatively, by blocking the screen.


Naturally, you should not enable this feature if you intentionally turned any applications that are not close completely (eg a web browser). Or you can make these applications to the exceptions, then the program will just ignore them. Fast Reboot has at its disposal a small widget that can be taken to one of the desktops. One click on it, and the system is rebooted.


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