Drag Racer World
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Drag Racer World
Drag Racer World
Drag Racer World
Drag Racer World
Drag Racer World
Drag Racer World

Review Drag Racer World

Evgenii Kostrov
Drag Racer World - it's pretty good simulation of drag racing in the third person. Early in the game you can use a small selection of cars, which will be limited not only by their range as per availability of funds. After buying a car is desirable to proceed to the garage and, of course, if you have money, do a small upgrade of some nodes. After all this, you can decide with what will be your next race (single race or career mode) and go directly to the race.
Race in drag racing are the races in 402 m (¼ mile), at 804 m (½ mile), 201 m (1/8 mile) or on measuring a mile (1609 meters). The only thing that is required of you during these races is to show the maximum speed and come to the finish line before the opponent. As a rule, mainly in the race is not even the presence of a more powerful car, and his ability to feel and skillfully use transmission.
The same thing will happen in this game. The first levels you may seem childish pokatushkami, but each subsequent check your opponent will be more powerful car, led by a more experienced pilot. You can not even pay attention to what your opponent responds better to start and goes into the gap from the first fraction of a second. If you're in time to include a higher gear, by the time of crossing the finish line of the enemy can be a few buildings behind.
Control of the game is very simple. In the center of the bottom of the screen you will see the tachometer. That it should be targeted at work with the gearbox. The closer to the indicator turns blue bar tachometer, the better it will switch. The ideal option would be to switch to the blue zone, but remember that sometimes the best bit "nedokrutit" engine than to twist it and move the arrow in the red zone.
Switching is done by vertical movements up on the lever, located in the lower right corner of the screen. In fact, even before the start of this place makes the gas pedal, as soon as he has the gear stick. Between him and the tachometer is a large red button that is responsible for the activation of the accelerator (nitro), it is also located on a small indicator showing the number of the remaining cylinders. Of course, you can fill up its reserves in the store, but so far the accelerator is not necessary, it is better not to use it.


Toy built in format 2D, but the graphics quality is very decent, and the implementation of gameplay is so well thought that the lack of 3D-type did not disappoint. Sound in the game exactly the way it was and wait. All within the racing and nothing else.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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