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Review Astro

Jay Feldman
Powerful functionality, simple design
Glitches, is lagging
Astro file manager for Android is one of the better file explorers out there. However, it does have its hiccups. Browse all the innards of your gizmo's file structure with relative ease.
Astro file manager is a simple file exploration app that will allow you to search all your Android files and folders. The latest update also includes file indexing which should allow for faster browsing; well, after the very first load, that is, which is when the indexing happens at Astro’s usual crawl. The structure of the app is nice but feels somewhat dated. Browsing folders has always been notoriously spotty, hence why the latest release is making a big to-do about the addition of their new indexing feature.
The best part of Astro is the integration with other cloud services. You can add an array of third party accounts like Google Drive and Dropbox, and browse your files there too, as well as upload to the cloud if you like. Astro even lets you access local hard drives on your network; however, this feature is also notoriously glitchy. In the time it takes this app to access my network drives, I forgot what I wanted there in the first place; utterly horrendous. I like Astro’s simple interface, but it’s not as inviting (or as fast) as say, File Expert HD or even ES File Explorer.
Astro File Manager is a very good file explorer and I love the host of features, but it’s just not entirely hiccup free and there are faster alternatives. I had Astro in my personal lineup of most favorite apps for years, but recently decided to cut it in favor of faster alternatives.

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Design 7/10
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Days after saving at astro it deletes all files esp.mp3.why?pls help it always happen since i downloaded music
Tariq Abdulla
Hmm I don't know, could you be unintentionally deleting stuff inside the app? Not sure what's going on there, but you might just want to uninstall the app, and try something else
Not getting through to Google play to download abbs
Salam.kheylii hall kardan.mrc
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