Wingsuit Stickman
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Wingsuit Stickman
Wingsuit Stickman
Wingsuit Stickman

Review Wingsuit Stickman

Evgenii Kostrov
There is a lot of extreme sports, and one of them is a wingsuit. This is essentially skydiving, but before extremals unfold over the dome, it can float in the sky like a bird, based on the original wings. In the game for Android-devices Wingsuit Stickman You have to manage it in such a character, who somehow forgot to fasten the parachute.
It all starts simply enough - the main character runs up, takes a horizontal position and spread their "wings" and starts to hover above the ground. Your main task will be collecting stars and coins are available, usually just above the ground, as well as avoiding all sorts of obstacles. Instead of landing with a parachute you will bump into a rubber trampoline black.
If you do not collect the right amount of coins or a fly on the trampoline, the main character just votknetsya were caught in the first obstacle, and you start the level over. Management of the main character at the expense of the accelerometer and touch screen. With the first you run a lift daredevil, changing its angle relative to the ground, and with taps on the screen you will manage the ups and steep dive.


As you progress through the game levels will become increasingly difficult. First you come across (literally) to the slopes and steep climbs, then drops sharply visibility due to dense clouds and a bit later and did have to deal with the upstream and downstream of the air mass. The graphics in the game is fairly primitive, and even the water of their consistency and behavior more like jelly, but the process of clearly does not suffer, and you will always get pleasure, and in some places even have time to laugh.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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