DuckDynasty: BattleOfTheBeards
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DuckDynasty: BattleOfTheBeards
DuckDynasty: BattleOfTheBeards
DuckDynasty: BattleOfTheBeards
DuckDynasty: BattleOfTheBeards
DuckDynasty: BattleOfTheBeards
DuckDynasty: BattleOfTheBeards
DuckDynasty: BattleOfTheBeards
DuckDynasty: BattleOfTheBeards

Review DuckDynasty: BattleOfTheBeards

Kirill Muhin
DuckDynasty: BattleOfTheBeards - an original casual game for Android, which is taken as a basis for the story of the eponymous television series. You should go with the country to meet with the family Robinson and try their favorite memories. Evolved from the usual "white collar" in the brutal bearded man.
Start the game, you'll see a very high quality picture with well developed characters and animated various localities. You will see the rustic beauty, forests, swamps, and more, each item is received live animation. Special attention is given voice characters who will delight you with the most famous lines from the show.


The entire game consists of simple mini-games in which you need to perform a certain action in a short time. For example, you will need a vacuum cleaner to suck the bees throw hot pepper in the mouth mate, blow up the dam and more. In total, you will see more than 20 different tasks to be cycled with increasing complexity. Overview of each of those games - the speed and response.
Going through levels, you'll earn experience points and coins. Experience points allow you to increase the "coolness" of the hero and discover new items for its customization. Coins also be required for the purchase of clothing and appearance changes, for example, you can change the appearance of a beard or buy a new shirt.
With control you understand immediately, especially because before each mini-game is a small briefing, explaining your purpose and method to achieve it. Basically you need to make quick and Tapan swipe across the screen. That is, nothing fancy, but it was such a simplified control system makes gameplay appealing.

Features DuckDynasty BattleOfTheBeards for Android:

  • The game was created based on the series;
  • High-quality graphics;
  • Original voice;
  • More than 20 mini-games;
  • Deep customization hero;
  • Easy and intuitive.
Made the game is quite high quality, but there are still shortcomings. In particular, suffer from a lack of location drawing, however, as the secondary model, such as animals and birds. Game same process is simply too trivial to look at it seriously flawed. It is not strange, but the game is available for a fee, though the price is only $ 1, although this price seems unjustified.


DuckDynasty: BattleOfTheBeards - is a fun casual game for Android devoted very popular series, and it can help you to get acquainted with the family Robinson. Simple but fun mini-games allow you to relax and pass the 10-15 minutes, simultaneously developing his character.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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