3D Hunting: African Militia
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3D Hunting: African Militia
3D Hunting: African Militia
3D Hunting: African Militia
3D Hunting: African Militia

Review 3D Hunting: African Militia

Evgenii Kostrov
3D Hunting: African Militia - this is another game for Android-devices in which you will have to take up arms. The plot of the game is very confusing, and, according to the developer, you are an honest hunter who went to hunt zebras and rhinos. After a few rounds you yourself in the role of the target, so as you are attacked by poachers. It would be more logical, perhaps, if you are in the role of hunters and poachers caught a naughty pastime, and then came under fire from their side.
But everything here is exactly as is ... The mere fact that a wounded animal is very mournful roar issue, suggests that a poacher is you. Accordingly, following the shooting of a certain number of animals you find yourself under the leaden rain defenders savannah. At this point, all the priorities are changing dramatically, and you have a totally different kind of challenge - to survive at all costs and destroy the attackers.
As soon as you deal with the job, you probably will be able to buy other weapons, from machine and ending with a sniper rifle. Although, to be perfectly honest, we have to admit that even as a sniper, you are unlikely to be able to earn the required number of in-game currency, at least for the purchase of ammunition. In the end, you have to invest in the game its own funds (Donato).


Proceeding from the above, we can assume that the 3D Hunting: African Militia avid hunter just like sitting at home waiting for the opening of the season. The graphics in the game pretty well, but it can not be moved. All you can do is to look around in search of another target. Soundtrack is not anything masterpiece and consists only of the shots and cries of animals.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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