Savant – Ascent
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Savant – Ascent
Savant – Ascent
Savant – Ascent
Savant – Ascent
Savant – Ascent
Savant – Ascent

Review Savant – Ascent

Kirill Muhin
Savant - Ascent - this is an unusual arcade game for Android, in which you'll have to help the hero win his tower. Strange magic experiment led to the fact that the owner of the tower thrown blast, and all the inhabitants turned into dangerous robots. Now your goal - to kill all the enemies and get to the top floor of the tower to neutralize the magic sphere.
The game received a modest drawn graphics, made in the style of 16-bit consoles, with a Gothic design. Ennoble image could vibrant and diverse effects. Each tier has its own strange tower types and abundance of enemies that are trying to rip you to pieces. It is noteworthy that the developers have tried to make a big emphasis on the musical component, but the quality of the compositions and their low popularity is poor, so a big plus in this.


Survive and fulfill its goal hero can only constantly firing from enemies magical charges. Enemies will attack literally from all sides and, therefore, have to shoot in a circle, constantly jumping from place to place, so that the enemies do not have time to catch. High dynamics of the gameplay will not let you rest and relax, you have to be constantly on edge, pouring mechanical enemies fire.
Move on the location you can not, all control is reduced to a circular firing. The only movement - is jumping between two points. Periodically enemy will drop parts plates and bonuses that can be collected to strengthen the attack hero. In addition to normal attacks, with a certain amount of energy, you can use the super-blow or alternative type projectiles.
If you can withstand the attack, your character go to the next level, where they will wait for new enemies and decor. By the way, the developers made a small indulgence. After death, you will always start a fight with the last open location that enables still reach the last level.

Features Savant - Ascent for Android:

  • The graphics in the 16-bit style;
  • Dynamic gameplay;
  • Many types of enemies;
  • Gothic design levels;
  • Manage one virtual joystick.
Simple but dynamic gameplay unremarkable, one might even say that the game is for a narrow circle of connoisseurs. Graphics, effects and music is performed directly, without any raisins. Of course, the game can help pass some time, but the cost of $ 2 is unduly large with all the disadvantages.


Savant - Ascent - a dynamic arcade game for Android, characterized by high dynamics and simplified graphics. If you like the speed of the game, and the monotony of gameplay for you not critical, then this novelty may well attract you.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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