Shoggoth Rising
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Shoggoth Rising
Shoggoth Rising
Shoggoth Rising
Shoggoth Rising
Shoggoth Rising
Shoggoth Rising
Shoggoth Rising
Shoggoth Rising
Shoggoth Rising
Shoggoth Rising

Review Shoggoth Rising

Aleksei Chernikov
Shoggoth Rising - this is an interesting arcade game for Android about a lonely guy who is fleeing from the sea monsters in the lighthouse. Gameplay is implemented in 3D-graphics, and get rid of the enemies have with a huge arsenal of firearms and bladed weapons.
Game development company took dreipol. Popular genre of arcade developers decided to dilute their product, which has several features. Simple idea and convenient operation supported by high-quality graphics and disturbing atmosphere.


So, the main character from the enemy took refuge on top of the lighthouse. However, monsters can climb vertical surfaces, what, actually, throughout the game and engaged in introducing guy in horror. The player starts with a passage arcade arsenal consists of pistols and sticks. Weapons, however, is divided into two types - both near and far action. When the monsters away from the main character, you can shoot them, but when they get to the top, you will need to show melee skills.
Arsenal of tools for killing replenished as it passes. Earned money awarded to players for each level can be spent on improving the parameters of the weapon. In this case a gun, which is given to the user at the beginning of the game, has infinite ammo. These guns will be limited to the charges. Despite the fact that by the middle of the game the user will be left about 5 different rifles and grenade launchers, with a lighthouse can take on only two tools.
Management implemented a very user-friendly arcade. Shot for shot or you just need to tap on the monster. And to see all sides of the lighthouse must twist and zoom out the camera using the horizontal and vertical swipe. The campaign is divided into levels, but started passing, the game lasts as one big test. Also there is a survival mode, which is an endless game.

Features Shoggoth Rising for Android:

  • High-quality 3D-graphics;
  • A large number of weapons;
  • Several dozens of levels with increasing difficulty;
  • Huge bosses;
  • Endless game mode;
  • Intuitive control.
The game is distributed over $ 2.5. In the arcade missing any in-game advertising and shopping. The game has virtually no drawbacks, but it is worth mentioning the gameplay, which is unchanged throughout the campaign. Thus, the game can be called dynamic, but at the same time, the gameplay is very monotonous.


Shoggoth Rising - it's a great arcade game for Android, which is implemented in an unusual and easy gameplay. Player for several dozen levels have to save a lone sailor from the monsters with a large arsenal of weapons. The game is made in a nice 3D-graphics, has comfortable controls and an interesting idea. At the same time, in the arcade gameplay is very monotonous.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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