Farming Simulator 14
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Farming Simulator 14
Farming Simulator 14
Farming Simulator 14
Farming Simulator 14
Farming Simulator 14

Review Farming Simulator 14

Aleksei Chernikov
Farming Simulator 14 - This farm simulator for Android, which lie on the shoulders of the player responsibilities for large scale development of the economy. The user needs to control appliances, buy new land for the farm economy and to think more. Due to the specificity of the genre can be called the best game of its kind.
Game development studio is GIANTS Software, which had previously made a similar simulation, but with limited functionality, worse graphics and a bit of art. Apparently, people are interested in the genre, and the developers have done a large-scale simulator with a lot of opportunities and freedom of action.


At the beginning of the game the user is provided for collecting wheat harvester, tractor, cultivator, trailer and plow. A farm consists of two fields and dairy enterprise with cows in the bargain. The whole gameplay is built on the management of technology. For example, to raise wheat, choose harvester, lower the cutting unit and go on the field. Once the storage machine is full, you need to adjust to a combine tractor trailer and unload the harvest. After that resources are discharged into the hangar. For ease of gameplay, collection operations and crop irrigation, plowing and pollination fields can be produced automatically. Thus for every second autopilot account will be debited one unit game currency.
Despite this, control appliances still have. For example, for transportation to the place of sale. Management is implemented by using repetition and speed adjustment. Control can rotations in two ways - by using an accelerometer or thumb on the left side of the display. The player is available a map where marked fields available for purchase items saleability, refueling and other places.
Periodically, the player is offered the mission. As a rule, their meaning is to fast delivery of the right product at a certain point of the game world. Accumulated in selling various products money can be spent on new equipment and technology. Thus, the game is infinite, and players have complete freedom of action. Diversify the gameplay, you can use the multiplayer, which proposes to compete with friends online.

Farming Simulator 14 Features for Android:

  • Decent 3D-graphics;
  • Multiplayer;
  • Variety of machinery and equipment;
  • Two types of machine control;
  • Several kinds of crops;
  • Complete freedom of action.
Simulator applies a fee, and there is no advertising. Also, the player is proposing to spend on some kinds of techniques that you can not open the other way. Without them, however, can successfully pass the game, but to speed up gameplay will require improved harvesters and tractors. Slow gameplay - one of the downsides of the simulator. Sometimes, in order to collect the next harvest, it is necessary for 10 minutes just to watch what is happening on the phone screen. There is also a downside is attributed too free gameplay, the player has the most to invent tasks that together with the previous observation makes the game boring.


Farming Simulator 14 - a simulator for Android agricultural business. Although the game is very broad and includes many features, it will not please everyone. If you can spend a few minutes for the slow process of wheat and not get bored - this simulator definitely you enjoy. Fans of dynamic games such product will hardly mind.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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