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Last Fish
Last Fish
Last Fish
Last Fish
Last Fish

Review Last Fish

Aleksei Chernikov
Last Fish - an arcade game for Android, the main character of which is snow-white fish. The game has a simple gameplay, atmospheric graphics and nice music. In terms of atmosphere reminds platformer game Limbo (only available for iOS-devices) - are also all done in white and black.
Game development studio took Pyrosphere, which is known by the popular puzzle Lazors . In a new arcade game developers decided to give a rest to the users, and made an interesting and atmospheric game without logic components.


So, in the game there are two colors - black and white. At the same time, black color here means all bad, and white - on the contrary, useful. However, she has snow white fish. At each level, the character around in a chaotic manner will move black clots, in contact with which the fish are taken away life. There are also white clots that restocked lives.
Over 45 levels the player needs to perform various tasks. Some need to get a certain number of lives, in others - to collect special rings. In the arcade will come across the job for survival, where required for some time to keep a stock of lives, avoiding collision with harmful objects. The most difficult is the mode for the time where you need to collect the required number of subjects for some time. Each level is scored on a scale from one to three stars. At the same time to move to the next level pack, you must get a certain total number of stars.
Control of the game is made exclusively using the accelerometer, which adds extra complexity to the process. Depending on the posture game developers offer the 4 principles of the accelerometer. So, you can set automatic settings and modes in a sitting position, standing and lying down. It should be noted this concern to users - setup is really very comfortable.

Features Last Fish for Android:

  • Simple gameplay;
  • Convenient control;
  • Aesthetic graphics;
  • Nice music;
  • 45 levels with different tasks;
  • Additional endless game mode.
The game is distributed for 1 dollar, there is no advertising and in-game purchases. Developers risked control method. Despite the fact that the added control mode 4, among them no matter which would allow to control a game process using the softkeys. Also worth noting is the monotonous gameplay and lack of dynamics. Coupled with a grim, though harmonious graphics, arcade can quickly get bored.


Last Fish - this is an interesting arcade game for Android. In the game you must manage fish using the accelerometer and strongly contribute to its survival in a polluted environment. The game can be classified as relaxing - this facilitates convenient gameplay, simple graphics and nice music.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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