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Review Snowstorm

Alexander Vorobyev
Snowstorm is a fast-paced snowboarding simulator game based on true-to-life physics that lets you try to conquer mountain slops in three places: Alaska, Austria, or Canada.
The game was released by Congo Computer Club. It features awesome detailed 3D graphics, great dynamic soundtrack, six game modes, skill upgrade system, and lots of snowboards with unique properties that you can purchase for your character.

Game play

As we have already said, the game is built on sophisticated true-to-life physics. Therefore, the game play sometimes seems a bit too challenging. You will need to control your character either via tilting or using the on-screen buttons. We advise you to choose the latter as it will be easier to get used to.
There are six game modes—that will be unlocked one by one as you play—that you can change via tapping the button at the left right corner of the location. They include slalom, deposit, snowboarding on time, jumping, avalanche, and challenge cup. In deposit mode you will need to slide down the hill as fast as you can whilst your deposit money will be written off. The faster you arrive, the more cash you get. In avalanche mode you will need to escape from an avalanche, whilst in the challenge cup mode you will need to look for cups hidden around the level.

Key features of Snowstorm for Android:

  • Awesome highly-detailed 3D graphics;
  • True-to-life physics;
  • Intuitive controls;
  • Six game modes;
  • Lots of snowboards to purchase;
  • Skill upgrading mode.
And though the game is free and there are no built-in ads, you will still probably need to buy tickets that let you play certain levels. Also, you can wait to replenish it.


Snowstorm is a really sophisticated and a bit challenging snowboarding simulator game for Android that offers gobsmacking graphics and true-to-life physics that you will need to try to surmount. A great game!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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