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Kirill Muhin
ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 - a continuation of the action-RPG for Android, released by well-known companies Glu. You will return to the world of the Northern Strike, which is suffering a disastrous invasion of demons, escaped with his lord Movzok'Kalom. Stop the apocalypse can only be a true hero, and that it should be you. Educate and fit his character the best weapon to defeat the forces of darkness.
In the new part of the developers paid much attention to the chart. And now you can really enjoy the picture. Details that were drawn locations are varied and the atmosphere of the approaching apocalypse - bright lights, dilapidated buildings, creepy monsters and glowing sunset on the background of all this. Movement of all models also have careful consideration, which makes the battle dynamic and exciting. Full of graphics and various effects by which the image becomes bright and colorful.


The basis of the gameplay to the third part has not changed. You release to the location where you need to kill all the enemies to go to the next level. Much room for maneuver will not be, since the space around you will always be limited to the barrier, which disappears after the destruction of the next batch of monsters. But the presence of the mini-bosses in each of the tasks was a nice addition.
Between jobs, you will be able to return to the city where it makes sense to examine the collected spoils after the battle and to update your wardrobe of his character. Here you can go to the store to buy the missing elements of equipment and learn new skills. And if you decide to relax in the city, you can chat with other players in real time, to see the equipment and even their friends to join the guild.
Deep pumping hero no, improvement amounts to a change of equipment, although if you want you can improve weapons and armor, thus increasing the general characteristics of a hero. By the way, weapons, armor and other items in the game a huge amount, and they all have their own hidden abilities, especially when the right combination.
The control system has remained in its original form, that is left is a virtual joystick, and right - block buttons to perform attacks, and use special skills. The size and layout of the buttons done perfectly, that there is in the first battle. In particular, you do not need to aim the buttons during the attack, the finger he finds a place for tapas, almost automatic.
Features ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 for Android:
  • Plot is related to the last part;
  • Stunning three-dimensional graphics;
  • Abundance effects during battles;
  • Dynamic gameplay;
  • Thousands of items and weapons;
  • Strategically located buttons.
The first half hour game is a real delight: great graphics, rich battle-paced storyline and lots of weapons. But the joy subsides after you encounter Donata, who have known the game Glu. And here it is necessary to say that the monetization of the third part was the toughest. Clothe and equip the hero to pass even the first serious boss will cost you not one ten dollars. All the best things and even bottles with an elixir of health can only be purchased for the crystals, which just bought for real money. As a result of strong donation, the passing game is meaningless without the constant infusion with a credit card.


ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 - this is the third part of the series already familiar RPG for Android powered by Glu. The developers have improved graphics, continued the story, and added a huge amount of different weapons and trophies. Fans of the series and the genre as a whole certainly happy to download and install the game to spend a few days in a virtual fantasy world.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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great app
very good game
ethaneuan02 Apr 2014, at 08:27Alcatel One Touch T10
i have problem with the games graphics is not good the players are shaking and armors and all items are seperate from from the body. any body can help. tnx
Alexander Vorobyev
Hey! And though your device has 4 GB of RAM, it doesn't have GPU and CPU powerful enough for running games with advanced graphics.
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