Clash of Puppets
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Clash of Puppets
Clash of Puppets
Clash of Puppets
Clash of Puppets
Clash of Puppets

Review Clash of Puppets

Sergei Furman
Clash of Puppets - this cartoon horror platformer for Android console quality. At its current levels you expect hordes of enemies, mop up with you will be in the best traditions of hack'n'slash. In addition, almost every step you will meet both simple and complex obstacles, hidden items and gold!
Crescent Moon Games did their best. The game is made in a stunning 3D-style, the world looks really alive. Despite the atmosphere of "terror" enemies perceive with a smile. Yes, and the whole project is filled with humor.


Plot complication is simple, as the multiplication table in the 11th grade. Long car trip made bearded laborer call in open-air cinema, where all sorts of broadcast and mystical horror movies. Fatigue manifested itself, and an hour later he fell asleep watching, once in their same dreams. But these dreams were a mix of what he saw on the screen, in other words - a cocktail terrible horror. Now our hero must deal with universal evil, showing "who is the master of his mind."
Little Frankensteins, werewolves, vampires and other evil attack from all sides. To repulse you will have a variety of weapons ranging from baseball bats, ending with electroshock. It is worth noting that almost always far more effective melee. The initial locations are more dangerous spikes and lively underfoot and lava platforms, rather than enemies. Your main goal - to survive and reach the finish and collect a certain number of coins along the way. Sometimes there are additional tasks, such as "find a gear" and "open the gates."
Control is implemented well. In the left part of the screen available "floating" virtual joystick on the right - jump button and stroke. For shots just click on the area in which you want to release a hail of bullets. There are currently available in 3 sets of 10 levels: "Transylvania", "Far East" and "Fantasia." That's enough for a few hours of play. Overall, the gameplay is very dynamic - time passes unnoticed. By the way, the bosses are found here too.

Clash of Puppets Features for Android:

  • High-quality 3D graphics and animation;
  • A large number of weapons and other content;
  • The original story;
  • Pleasant music;
  • Achievements and leaderboard.
Among the disadvantages are not too high complexity of the whole game. Even at the highest level, there is a sense of "obstruction." Number of in-game there is no reason for payment for the project.


Clash of Puppets - it's a great three-dimensional platformer for Android with high quality as the gameplay and visual component. Of course, most fans of the genre will like it, where you need to constantly run around and kill enemies. However, an interesting approach to the story and engaging horror classic characters in humorous form may affect the expansion squad game fans.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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