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Slice the Ice
Slice the Ice
Slice the Ice
Slice the Ice
Slice the Ice
Slice the Ice
Slice the Ice
Slice the Ice

Review Slice the Ice

Kirill Muhin
Slice the Ice - is a logic game for Android in the center of events that would be funny squirrel, wants to return his beloved rubber duck. Rubber toy firmly frozen into the ice and to get it have a good poraskinut brains. Cut ice, given the basic laws of physics and available at obstacles. If you do it right, then the duck would be in the clutches of a happy squirrel.
Painted graphics done at the proper level. Location and quality models are plotting and interesting appearance. It is worth noting the diversity of levels that are different not only in appearance, but also a variety of obstacles. Particular attention was paid to the physics of the game, which is the basis of the gameplay, and this worked out it was a very high quality.


The essence of the gameplay boils down to what you need to cut a piece of ice, and so that the duck fell on a platform with a squirrel. Usually enough to pass the level one precise cut. However, to find the optimal solution would have to think a little, and perhaps experiment. It is worth noting that as the game progresses the complexity will increase - there will be new obstacles, the levels themselves are more intricate, and for the passage will have to do a lot more cuts.
Despite the fact that the game focuses on the physics of its realism rather conditional. Items subject to the basic laws, but there are many assumptions, which are made to improve the gameplay, so make of this big trouble is not worth it. By the way, the developers added an interesting point - each material behaves differently. So very good ice slides and stones can break down some of the other materials. This seemingly small improvement makes gameplay more interesting.
As for the passing game, it is worth noting that at each level are scattered acorns, collected as carefully as possible. They will be useful for opening new locations, that is, if you do not have enough acorns, then you have to go back to previous levels, and try to pass them a better way.

Features Slice the Ice for Android:

  • Colorful hand-drawn;
  • Sophisticated physics;
  • Entertaining gameplay;
  • A large number of levels;
  • Management Tools swipe.
Overall the game was pretty good. Developers took a simple idea, put it pretty hand-drawn graphics and Sophisticated physics. On the downside, it can be noted hype that pops up after each level and delivers significant discomfort. But the presence of advertising is because the game is distributed free of charge, that is, download and install it, you can absolutely free.


Slice the Ice - is a colorful puzzle game for Android, which has a simple game mechanics and good graphics. Fans of puzzle games like Cute the Rope , will appreciate the novelty appreciated.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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