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Nice Weather
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Nice Weather

Review Nice Weather

Aleksei Chernikov
Nice Weather - this is a great app for Android, which allows you to get information about the weather conditions anywhere in the world. Despite the fact that the functionality of the application is very simple, it has a user-friendly interface, the most informative menus and beautiful design.
The application developer is a graphic designer Aurelien Yurber. On account of the developer just one application, and it is totally reflected his family activity. He managed to find the perfect combination of simplicity, informative and aesthetic components of the application.

Interface and capabilities

When you first start the application displays information about the weather conditions in the village, where the user is located. If you click on the name of the location, Google Maps opens with a search box - here you can enter another city or town, the weather in which you are interested. When purchasing an extended version of the application, you can save several cities for weather monitoring. All of them are located in the menu that can be accessed with a key in the upper left corner of the application. Users with a simple version will have to settle for one city.
There is also a setting, but they are minimal. It is possible to select the display format of various weather parameters. Displays information about the weather made very original. Immediately after the name of the village, the icon shows that characterizes the weather conditions and time of day. Followed by day of week, time and icons with weather information. All inscriptions in a beautiful font and icons painted in minimalist design.
At the bottom of the application are two charts that show the temperature and precipitation. Temperature on the chart has a slider that allows you to see the temperature at the right time of day. Also have the ability to view other days of the week the weather. To move to the next day to be done swipe left.

Features Nice Weather for Android:

  • Beautiful minimalistic design;
  • Showing three weather parameters;
  • Easy to use;
  • Informative diagrams;
  • The ability to monitor several cities.
Nice Weather is absolutely free and has no advertising. However, there are Pro-version of the application, which will cost $ 2. It complements the expanded version include the ability to add multiple cities, as well as widgets for your desktop. However, even the standard configuration of the application is exactly what its purpose. Among the disadvantages mentioned minimum settings and the inability customization menu.


Nice Weather - this is a great app for Android, with which you can get information about the weather in aesthetic form. The main feature of the application is a graphical component. All weather data are informative, easy, and very beautiful.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 8/10
Design 10/10
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