DubSlider: Warped Dubstep
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DubSlider: Warped Dubstep
DubSlider: Warped Dubstep
DubSlider: Warped Dubstep
DubSlider: Warped Dubstep
DubSlider: Warped Dubstep

Review DubSlider: Warped Dubstep

Aleksei Chernikov
DubSlider: Warped Dubstep - it's a great music game for Android, where the gameplay is largely similar to the famous Guitar Hero. Instead of guitar riffs, the player is offered through a variety of shapes to catch the special sound sphere.
Engaged in developing the game, Paul Cara, who is the creator, hope yet, one product. Despite the debut, the game was very dynamic, interesting and bright.
Gameplay The game principle, as in other rhythmic arcades, is approaching timely catching elements that are responsible for one or another sound. If many analogues are very similar to each other, there is the idea of ​​the game was a very interesting way. Each level is a tunnel with a space landscape within which flies special musical trap-transformer. She, in fact, have to collect audio elements that are called in the game areas.
Traps can be transformed into three shapes: square, triangle, line, for which the shape is given the name "cotton swab". You can switch the pot shape on the side of a special panel of the screen. Panel, depending on the preferences of the user, you can move to the right or left side. Trap also can rotate in order to collect all spheres - is done by pressing and swipe.
Depending on the composition to approximate spheres trapped individually or in groups. The player must choose the right form of traps and collect as many spheres. For each caught a rhythmic unit of the player gets points progress, and if you managed to gather a group at once, then there is a multiplier points. The gameplay is accompanied by an abstract graphic compositions that move in time with the music.

Features DubSlider for Android:

  • Unique gameplay;
  • 6 dynamic levels;
  • Electronic music;
  • Vivid graphics;
  • Lack of advertising and shopping.
The game is distributed charge, but it is completely absent advertising and in-game purchases. Among the minuses can be noted a small number of levels and, accordingly, musical compositions. Also could not download your own tracks, which would make the game much more interesting.


DubSlider: Warped Dubstep - it's a great arcade game for Android rhythmic. The game differs from its analogues dynamic, interesting and original graphics solution principle catching sound elements. Arcade lovers of electronic music, as each level - it is a separate composition.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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