Farm Invasion USA
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Farm Invasion USA
Farm Invasion USA
Farm Invasion USA
Farm Invasion USA

Review Farm Invasion USA

Evgenii Kostrov
Farm Invasion USA - this is a very fun game for Android-devices, in which you will drive through corn fields on the combine and crush alien thieves will love popcorn. Nothing boded trouble, and a Texas family toasted their bellies in the sun near a cornfield. Suddenly the head of the family notices some suspicious movement in the field and sent to explore one of his sons. When he returned, he said, that they have landed on an alien landing field and began to mow corn left and right.
Aliens caught so brazen that rather than to steal and hide, right at the crime scene began to prepare popcorn. Of course, Dad could not resist such a daring, made the old processor, stammering in his cockpit of one of their offspring and by awarding dogonku gun and sent to the battlefield. Early in the game it looks pretty ridiculous and does not cause any difficulties. Ezdi himself on the field and cosine aliens with corn.
After a couple of newcomers will be so many levels that one miner do not work. We'll have to cling to old shotgun and shoot those who escaped the fate of being wound on a mechanical scythe. Some time later, a corn field will become a real track with a lot of obstacles, and the aliens learn to hit back. You are only going to do that to dodge thrown here and there carts standing frightened and toilets, which clashes with the very strong influence on the state of the combine.
In order not to scatter the field of wheel cleaning equipment should be regularly pick up bonuses in the form of a box with the tool. Apart from them, you will meet the fate of other gifts, through which you can exchange your old ruzhishko on alien blaster. However, in this case will have to keep the ammunition and not shoot him in vain, as it allows for an old shotgun.


In addition to inanimate obstacles you need to look out for the pink aliens. These do not stand on ceremony and completely swallow the harvester with his driver, causing you to start the game again. Graphics in the game is made in cartoon style, and it is quite decent quality. Sound and music is quite fun and once again remind you of Texas.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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