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Review Syberia

Aleksei Chernikov
Syberia - it is one of the best quests for Android, which was ported straight from the full version of the game. By the way, the optimization of the mobile platform does not hurt the game - the schedule remains the same, and the management is great for touch devices.
In 2002, the game was released by Microdis, but in 2010 it became part of the French happily publisher Anuman Interactive. Therefore, work on the optimization was carried out by quest Anuman. Previously, developers have already created a few quests for mobile platforms and other games, which include the famous arcade game Gods vs Humans .


The game's plot tells of a young yuristkoy Kate Walker, who is sent to a distant city Valadleyn to conclude the purchase agreement once known plant for the production of toys. However, once at your destination, the heroine realizes that one paperwork it will not be. From this moment begins the famous story, which, incidentally, is one of the main features of the quest. To clarify the situation, the player will have to solve the problem, look for unconventional ways of solving problems and notice the little things that in the quest often play a decisive role.
Management in a computer game was implemented by the method of «Point and Click», that is perfect for touch devices. In order to move or interact with any element in the game, simply click on the desired area. Also, the screen is the inventory menu, where are collected all the items you can use in the game or explore. Here is an icon of the phone. After pressing it appears display device with contacts you can call. The phone also is often the key to solving many puzzles.
It is worth noting graphical component of the game. It is made in soft, somewhere, even melancholy tones and heavy, which imposes on the gameplay proper atmosphere. Also, the game, like every classic quest, not rich dynamics. However, this genre is not love for it, and for a good picture, nice sound, story and interesting puzzles - all in Syberia have in abundance.

Syberia Features for Android:

  • Intriguing plot;
  • Huge number of characters;
  • Interesting puzzles;
  • Convenient control;
  • Beautiful 3D-graphics;
  • Nice instrumental music.
Syberia charge applies, however, about any advertising and in-game purchases can not be considered. As for the cons, they are very difficult to judge. For lovers of quests, or to people familiar with the computer version of "Siberia", the game will find. Those who love dynamic and fun arcade action games, quest may seem very boring.


Syberia - a famous quest, which is now available for Android. The player will have many hours of storyline, full of diverse puzzles and interesting dialogue. The game has a special atmosphere, which is achieved by beautiful graphics and nice music.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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