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Review MIMPI

Aleksei Chernikov
MIMPI - is a fun and very interesting platformer for Android. Uniquely define the genre of the game is difficult - on the one hand, there are all the features of proprietary platforming, and on the other, a large number of puzzles. The main character of the game is a dog that has lost his master. Four-legged friend goes in search of a fantastic world where you can move freely through the clouds, flying in soap bubbles, and more.
Development took platforming known company Crescent Moon, who previously created Evertales , Siegecraft TD and other good foods. This game was different from past projects developers. They managed to create an original platformer with a unique idea.


The main difference from the game counterparts is that in addition to character control, there will have to adjust in every way different items and a platform for further passage. Manage a dog is given very simple - you can jump and move back and forth. There are two types of control with the buttons and swipe.
However, the main difficulty in the game is the solution to various logical tasks. First such mini-quests will be in a permutation of items for easy movement, and then will be forced to work full mechanisms. As you go on the road will encounter a variety of dangerous places, getting into that character is reborn in place checkpoint. Here they are implemented as hydrants, which marks the dog at the meeting.
Also at each level there is an additional task of collecting bones. They are usually located in remote places, the path which also need to be carefully considered. Overall, the gameplay is very dynamic and full of different tasks. Away from the game hard, it also contributes a great colorful graphics and nice sound background.

Features MIMPI for Android:

  • Funny story, which is narrated in the form of comic books;
  • Interesting mix of platforming and puzzles;
  • A huge number of puzzles;
  • Many items available for interaction;
  • Nice graphics;
  • Easy management.
The game is completely free, that this level of platforming is very unusual. Since throughout the gameplay will meet a huge number of puzzles, the player is offered paid tips. You can also buy add-on that will change the appearance of the character. Despite the fact that the game is made in a rather minimalistic graphics, it is very demanding to energy and quickly puts the battery.


MIMPI - this is a very interesting and original platformer for Android with puzzle elements. This combination makes the game unique in its genre. It is simple and complex at the same time - easy management, minimalist graphics and complex tasks.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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