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Shooting Pang
Shooting Pang
Shooting Pang
Shooting Pang
Shooting Pang
Shooting Pang

Review Shooting Pang

Kirill Muhin
Shooting Pang - a new RPG for Android, performed in a fantasy style. The whole world is plunged into chaos when started up from the underworld scum. Select one of the 15 characters and start a fight to save their home. You expect intense battles with different monsters, each with their own surprise. Gain experience and improve your hero to reach the last level and win the last fight.
Run game with three-dimensional graphics, while you are sure to enjoy funny heroes and monsters of the original species. Each model has not only its unique appearance, but also-developed animation. Saturated picture and a variety of effects, which is caused by the presence of a variety of magic, which will enjoy a hero during the battle. But the location, unfortunately, are small and monotonous type - all battles will take place in the arena, beyond which no way out. It should be noted that a total of four arenas you see on four continents.


Before the battle you will need to choose and buy their hero. Then you can go to the first battle. Each character has its own unique set of weapons and abilities of the three. And because the game belongs to the genre of RPG, then you should be prepared for a long pumping his hero. For each kill you get experience points that will reach the next level. With each level you can get new, or strengthen one of the available capacity, or improve the characteristics of the hero. The whole system is very easy to improve the hero, with no possibility of "dress" your fighter in new things.
Quests and bosses during the battles you will not find that separates the game from the canons of RPGs, but rich and dynamic battle completely compensate for this deficiency. Despite this, the gameplay is not converted into a banal slaughter because you have to overcome levels, opening new monsters and passing between large locations. From level to level the enemies will be more difficult and dangerous, and each time they will become more and more.
To control the hero developers chose a classical system with a joystick and buttons to activate magic. But there is one caveat: your basic attack fighter performs independently, while it also will choose their own target for attack. You can do is run around the level using the joystick, and the right time to activate the magic.

Features Shooting Pang for Android:

  • Three-dimensional graphics with an interesting design;
  • 15 characters to choose from;
  • A variety of monsters;
  • Improvement System hero;
  • Convenient control with automatic attack.
Simplified RPG game lovers will certainly taste. The disadvantage is the lack of full story and quests, as well as the monotony of levels, which are essentially limited arenas. In addition to this, the game has Donat, who will not give you the opportunity to buy all the characters without an infusion of real money. Meanwhile, download and install the game for free, which partly compensates for the shortcomings.


Shooting Pang - this is another RPG for Android, made in a fantasy style. Fans of the genre with great pleasure for sure go to the salvation of the next world. You expect saturated battle with interesting characters and hordes of monsters.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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