Traffic Rush Winters 3D
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Traffic Rush Winters 3D
Traffic Rush Winters 3D
Traffic Rush Winters 3D
Traffic Rush Winters 3D
Traffic Rush Winters 3D

Review Traffic Rush Winters 3D

Kirill Muhin
Traffic Rush Winters 3D - this is the second part of the arcade simulator traffic for Android, which will charge you to control the flow of cars on a single intersection. Follow the traffic situation, just stop and accelerates the car to prevent an accident. Be careful and collected, otherwise your watch over major accident.
Made the game is very simple. Three-dimensional graphics rendering has a minimum, which is reflected in the angular models of machines and simplified facades of buildings. Against this background of pictures, animation and mean effects look what we needed, and because of them received at least some gameplay dynamics.


Gameplay is built very simply. Entrusted you intersection has four bands, which every second passing cars, and that they have not encountered, you need to lead them instead of traffic lights. Some cars stop and accelerate each and then you will avoid a major accident.
Levels or any other locations you do not see. All events will take place at the same intersection, and shall be governed by the amount of complexity and speed of the machines. In addition, you will complicate life cars of different services: ambulance, fire and police, which are carried on its lane and completely ignore your commands. And, of course, if there are complications, you should be and bonuses, including freezing, slowing down time and so on.
Operate the machines for you to be very simple. Tapnuv by car, you will get him to stop, however, should bear in mind that the driver will stand just a few seconds and then starts moving again. But in some cases, instead of stopping the car to accelerate worth the contrary, it has slipped to the intersection without consequences. Make acceleration possible by swiping your finger on the desired car.

Features Traffic Rush Winters 3D for Android:

  • Funny idea of ​​the game;
  • Speed ​​gameplay;
  • Endless gameplay;
  • Simple operation;
  • Set bonuses.
The concept of the game involves simple graphics and gameplay, but the developers seem to have too much attention. Making a modest three-dimensional graphics, they forgot to modify gameplay, which remained at taymkiller browser. As a result, called beautiful or fascinating game does not work, and it covers these shortcomings only unusual ideas. Distributed game totally free of charge and without any in-game purchases.


Traffic Rush Winters 3D - it's an arcade simulator traffic for Android in which you have to manage traffic at the busy intersection. The game has simple graphics and gameplay, and generate interest can develop that idea itself. For some, this game can be a good taymkiller with whom you can sit a couple of minutes.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 4/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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