My Fear and I
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My Fear and I
My Fear and I
My Fear and I
My Fear and I
My Fear and I
My Fear and I

Review My Fear and I

Kirill Muhin
My Fear and I - it's logical platform for Android, where you will need to help 7-year-old Sebastian cope with his fears. Frightening world of nightmares terrorizes a hero, but you can get rid of phobias just before reaching the end. Use a gun with suction cup to overcome obstacles and climb up the platforms. But the true value carries a light that can dispel monsters created by the imagination of Sebastian.
Remarkably designed graphics, made in 2,5 D-format. Atmospheric game world populated by unusual monsters born of the fears of children. Each location in the game and model not only well drawn, but also have their own unique look, which is not surprising, because the work on them by professional artists. Further escalate the situation musical accompaniment. Heavy and intense music will accompany you at every step and should not be allowed to forget for a moment that you are in the world of nightmares.


Unequivocally attributed to a single game genre is impossible. Gameplay contains components arcade platforming and puzzles, which are closely intertwined. Travel the world terrible nightmares you in the company of a strange creature, which you will need to complete that will embody your liberation from all fears.
To overcome the obstacles you will need to use a children's gun with rope and a suction cup on the end. Shooting and catching rope hero can climb up or jump swinging a big hole. But the main weapon - is light. Lighting a bulb, you make monsters disappear, and thus release their way.
On your way will appear and complex logic puzzles. For example, you will need to find a way out or reflect light from mirrors to remove all monsters. These tasks will meet often enough, which means you have to constantly strain their convolutions to solve them.

Features My Fear and I for Android:

  • Beautiful graphics and atmospheric;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • Various logical puzzles;
  • Long storyline;
  • Management and swipe tapami.
The game received atmospheric and attractive graphics that deserves only positive reviews. Pictures from behind and not gameplay. It is saturated with a variety of obstacles, logical puzzles and a number of interesting points. Deserves some complaints management. Organized it with Taps and swipe, which is a disadvantage, because some actions by a system to perform several difficult. Used to the controls of course you can, but still, in the passing game, it just does not deliver the inconvenience.


My Fear and I - is a fascinating logical platform for Android, Get gorgeous image and addictive gameplay. Together with Sebastian you have more than one hour to wander around the gloomy world of nightmares, simultaneously getting rid of the monsters and solving puzzles. Fans of the genre will surely be delighted with the rich gameplay and attractive pictures. Also download and install the game is completely free.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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