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Review Salvation

Aleksei Chernikov
Salvation - is a fun arcade game for Android, the story is the story about the adventures of a boy and his dog. Characters travel across the galaxy in search of his home. Battle against the monsters here are made in the genre Arkanoid - using platforms and flying projectiles necessary to get rid of a lot of moving enemies.
Game development studio took Foggybus Ltd. Despite the fact that the game genre has repeatedly been interpreted in different ways, the developers were able to make the arcade opportunities. The game was very colorful and dynamic, and because of the nature of the plot and gameplay, it is perfect for both adults and children alike.


The game's plot develops on 6 planets and over 96 levels. Landing on each of the planets associated with a small comic book, which is described in passing storyline. Each level is a space in which a large number of newcomers teeming and laterally located on the same platform. The player is invited to move the platform, sending projectiles aliens. Unlike the classic Arkanoid, here it is necessary to control the Rockets with two platforms. This, on the one hand, makes the game more difficult and on the other makes it possible to fill the device to two users.
Apart from the main weapon - the flying kernel available additional tools to help more effectively to deal with enemies. For example, it is possible to stop time for 10 seconds to activate the zipper that joins two platforms both. Superweapon purchased with crystals - the main currency in the game. They are awarded to players for each level, and can also be purchased for real money.
Despite the fact that the gameplay is unchanged with each level, the game does not get boring for a long time. Variety is achieved due to the huge number of newcomers and unique musical accompaniment for each level.

Salvation Features for Android:

  • Funny graphics;
  • Great sound design;
  • Dynamic gameplay;
  • A huge number of enemy units;
  • Additional weapons and bonuses;
  • Opportunity to play together.
The game is free. As developers chose monetization sale crystals. Superweapon that is acquired for crystals, can not be used until the last planet. Levels of the last planet is very complex, and without donation through the game will not be easy.


Salvation - is an interesting and dynamic arcade game for Android, made in the genre of Arkanoid. All known principle of the game was radically changed and static figures have been replaced by moving targets. Along with this, the game has a large arsenal of weapons, and most importantly - the opportunity to play together. Due to the saturation of the playing field, multiplayer will be the most comfortable on the tablet.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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