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Review Helium

Kirill Muhin
Helium - is a system application for Android, which is intended to create a backup of data and applications. The main advantage of this program is that for it does not require root-rights, it can be used on any smartphone or tablet.
Externally the application is very simple. The main screen displays a list of your apps, and a button that launches a backup. Nothing superfluous in the interface no, outrageously simple. On the one hand this is a big plus, but on the other hand, this simplicity can confuse.

Interface and capabilities

As noted above, the application has a very simple interface. Minimal functional application without a variety of "chips", which are saturated with other analogues. Of the additional options include the ability to create copies on schedule backup copy to the memory card or in the cloud storage.
By the way, together with the application, without any permission, and another set, which is an alternative "market» Mobogame where you can install and update applications. In contrast to the official app store, Mobogame also allows to quickly find and download wallpapers, ringtones and videos from youtube. But, in spite of the advanced features of confidence in the illegally established "Market" is not.
Another important point is that for a fully functioning application requires a connection and synchronize your device with your PC using a USB-cable. In this case, you must be install special software that essentially produces and backup. Thus Helium may be used only by connecting the device to the computer.

Helium Features for Android:

  • Complete data backup from the device;
  • Works without root-rights;
  • Very simple interface;
  • Ability to save backup to memory card;
  • Scheduled backups.
Deficiencies in this program turned out to excess. First, together with it the dubious application offers an alternative to the official Google Play. Secondly, the need for a computer and installing additional software, which greatly complicates the backups. And thirdly, the procedure to connect and preparation for work can cause a lot of issues and complexities. The only plus is the same that to work with Helium does not require root-law, which for many is the deciding factor. In addition, for all function requires purchase Premium version, which costs seriously overstated and is $ 5.


Helium - is another Android application designed to create backup copies of data and applications stored on your smartphone or tablet. From similar programs Helium differs in that does not require root-rights. Application called the best is difficult because many users would think about getting superuser than will put up with plenty of drawbacks.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 6/10
Originality 4/10
Design 6/10
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i can't connect to my pc.
already install the driver but don't why is stil can't connect.
Brandon Girod
Does your computer recognize your device correctly when you plug it in? 
HI, i cannot get helium to get to work on my OnePlus One handset. My computer does its part and enables it shows a green Tick mark on it, but on my phones it's still  "waiting for helium Desktop Application to enable application backup on your android...." .. i have tried reinstalling but didn't work. Any idea how i can fix it?
Thank you.
Tariq Abdulla
I haven't used this before, but have you connected with USB, and followed all the instructions? Have you checked that your desktop has "found" your phone?
Cannot get drivers for my Acer Iconia A500. Without Helium seeing my tablet, I can't do a backup.
Vlad Popa
I'm afraid i don't quite understand the issue. What do you mean by "Cannot get drivers"? As long as the app is correctly installed on your Acer Iconia, it should be detected and the backup available.
Please be a bit more descriptive with the issue so i can provide accurate assistance.
For the unpaid version, Helium requires you to backup to PC rather than cloud storage (Google Drive, etc...).  Helium on my PC does not connect without drivers installed - the ClockworkMod website does not list B&N NT in the drivers section clockworkmod.com/carbon/drivers.
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