Hopeless: The Dark Cave
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Hopeless: The Dark Cave
Hopeless: The Dark Cave
Hopeless: The Dark Cave
Hopeless: The Dark Cave
Hopeless: The Dark Cave

Review Hopeless: The Dark Cave

Aleksei Chernikov
Hopeless: The Dark Cave - this is a great arcade game for Android with a very funny graphics and an interesting idea. The main heroes of the game are glowing bubbles that are in pitch darkness. At any time and from any side to beings can approach a dangerous monster or friendly firefly. Player only blink at the wrong time, as would be the next firefly in paws monster as the most terrible dreams.
Development of the game took a young studio Upopa Games Ltd. Arcade is the first creation of the team, and in the near future, the developers promise a few more games with fun graphics and interesting gameplay. Arcade release next Friday was devoted to 13. Slightly ironic plot and creating an atmosphere of danger came perfectly for this superstitious date.


So, the game begins with a lone bulb glowing in the midst of a dark room. From time to time of the pitch darkness slip silhouettes and strange shadows. The highlight is an unexpected approach being - it can be a dangerous monster that carries a huge paw firefly in the darkness, or the same ball that hurries to help.
Fireflies pistols for shooting dangerous monsters. Atmosphere of the game is made in such a way that the player must always be on guard. Such concentration can lead to murder fireflies that unmarked rapidly approaching standing in the middle of the room unit. In order to make a shot, enough tapnut the desired location on the display.
If a player gets noticed ally, he adds company fireflies. When they typed a certain amount, they are converted into points. In addition, the glowing balls that can be killed by monsters, they can also commit suicide because of the murder of a friend or simply because of the excitement and frequent shooting.

Features Hopeless: The Dark Cave:

  • Funny graphics;
  • Frightening and tense atmosphere;
  • Simple gameplay;
  • Limiting the need for care;
  • Acquisition of improvements in the scores.
The game is absolutely free, however, have the opportunity to purchase a variety of improvements. However, almost all the extras you can buy yourself using points. The game does not claim the laurels of sound and unique. Here's an interesting idea and simple gameplay - in a compact bundle is very difficult to find cons.


Hopeless: The Dark Cave - a creative and atmospheric arcade game for Android. Very simple gameplay and beautiful graphics make the game ideal taymkiller. The Game is set in a constant maximum number of points for which you can take a variety of improvements. Arcade is free, and in-game purchases created more support for developers and variety of gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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