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City Island 2 - Building Story
City Island 2 - Building Story
City Island 2 - Building Story
City Island 2 - Building Story
City Island 2 - Building Story

Review City Island 2 - Building Story

Kirill Muhin
City Island 2 Building Story - the second part of urban simulation for Android in which you will build your own metropolis. Design the city, to build homes, factories and public buildings. Increase the population and strengthen the economy in order to get the city of their dreams.
Similar games have been released already a lot, but a series of lovers certainly will not be able to pass by. The game can bribe excellent hand-drawn graphics. You will see a colorful world that you can build up the various buildings. The streets of your city will walk people, and on the roads to drive cars. Your farms and factories will produce goods, showing their activities simple but elaborated animation. All this makes the game look good, which is decorated with many familiar gameplay.


Gameplay revolve around the construction of the city, which means you basically have to plan the location of various buildings. During this activity, you should seek a balance between public and industrial buildings. In your city should be enough homes and jobs, because only in this case, it will grow and be profitable. But in the pursuit of profit is not necessary to forget about the people themselves, paying attention to the various entertainment and aesthetic aspects.
By and large, the gameplay is simple enough. The game is underdeveloped economy, which greatly simplifies the management of the city. You do not need to carry out complex calculations and do accounting of the huge city. The main thing to watch the performance and build the necessary buildings.
Dilute gameplay developers decided by additional missions. Each mission is made to bring you additional income, and allow deeper dive into the gameplay. So you may need to raise the population to a certain level, to build a set of objects, increase the number of jobs and much more. One additional point is the opportunity to play with friends that will share their achievements and watch the growth of other cities.

Features of City Island 2 Building Story for Android:

  • Beautiful and colorful graphics;
  • A large variety of buildings;
  • Simple gameplay with minimal economies;
  • Dozens of additional missions;
  • Honors and awards.
By and large in this part of City Island is nothing new, but the developers have updated terrain and buildings have changed the look, and the very essence of the gameplay remains the same. But the most unpleasant aspect, as in the previous parts of this series is the Donut, which forces the long wait for the completion of construction of buildings and other actions, or causes to pour real money.


City Island 2 Building Story - a new part of the familiar series of urban simulation for Android. At your disposal is a huge area that you need to build up the buildings and factories, creating a huge city that meets your idea of ​​the ideal.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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rrrrrr16 Feb 2015, at 15:52Samsung Galaxy Core 2
I like this game .but mostly when i downloading Said field
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