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Review Snowfighters

Kirill Muhin
Snowfighters - is a simple but fun arcade game for Android, which will return to childhood and engage in battles snow. Together with his friends, you'll need to repel the boys from a neighboring yard, throwing snowballs at them. Try to repel every attack, and do not be afraid to numerical superiority, your accuracy and morale should help in battles.
Perhaps you saw the game, someone immediately remember the original, which was a huge success on the PC a few years ago. Simple idea of ​​the game was surprisingly fascinating and interesting. In terms of graphics, this arcade is clearly lagging behind the modern games, but modest design and funny characters lend a certain charm.


During the game, you will stand in front of one task - to scatter his enemies with snowballs. You will have three characters, which you can freely move around the map and keep them snow fire. You will need to constantly monitor all the characters, just move them so they do not come under a barrage of enemies.
Unlike the original, the Android version of the game there were some major differences: bonuses, many levels, several types of enemies. Bonuses in the game certainly is not much, but everyone will be extremely helpful. As for the enemies, they will be in a different color and sea attack. Some will bombard you with snowballs simple, others more powerful, such as triple snowballs or even fire.
Manage built very simple, so no problems with it you will not have. Click on the hero and hold your finger, drag it to the desired position. To throw a snowball you just need to hold your finger on the hero. Watching the scale of force that is to the right from the character. Select the desired effect and throw, then lift your finger run snow, which then fly strictly straight. With a little practice, you can operate all three characters using three fingers, though there needs good coordination and stretching fingers.

Features Snowfighters for Android:

  • Simple hand-drawn;
  • Funny characters;
  • Simple and addictive gameplay;
  • Dozens of levels and special bonuses;
  • Easy and intuitive.
Since the game itself is simple enough flaws to look there just useless. The only annoying factor is that each time losing, you have to start a fight with the first level, though it makes the game hardcore shade and full passage will make a great effort. Download game, you can absolutely free.


Snowfighters - is a simple and addictive arcade game for Android allows you to enjoy the most popular winter fun. Throw snowballs and repel the attack of enemies, each time demonstrating agility and speed. The game is perfect to pass the time in traffic.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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