Broken Sword : Director's Cut
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Broken Sword : Director's Cut
Broken Sword : Director's Cut
Broken Sword : Director's Cut
Broken Sword : Director's Cut
Broken Sword : Director's Cut

Review Broken Sword : Director's Cut

Kirill Muhin
Broken Sword: Director's Cut - is a fascinating detective quest, which can be put in an example of the other games for Android. Together with the young heroine you have to go to Paris, where there was a resonant public assassination. But for murder is hiding much more terrible intrigue. To unravel the whole ball of puzzles you'll have to search for clues, interrogate witnesses and actively use deductive method.
Awesome story, which is not inferior to the classic detective books, seasoned with professional graphics are drawn. Detail detailed locations and characters allow you to completely immerse yourself in the events of the game and enjoy every moment. Special chic gives full voice game characters and atmospheric musical accompaniment, supplementing the gameplay.


Most of the playing time you have to spend on thinking and comparing facts. In searching for clues you will need to carefully examine each location, but found the subject can not readily reveal their secrets. As a result, you constantly need to keep in mind a lot of facts and try to find a logical explanation for each event.
To get at least some hint you have to communicate with the different characters, who might tell an important fact. So every conversation you need to conduct very carefully, and pay attention even to the smallest moments. It is also important to study all the documents and texts that will fall on your eyes.
As you can see, in this game you have to become a real detective who of many small facts can infer and solve tricky puzzles. Of course, the move would be impossible to complete the game, will have to spend more than one hour in search of clues that will reveal the secret of what is happening. But connoisseurs of these quests will be happy such realistic gameplay.

Features Broken Sword Director's Cut for Android:

  • Professionally made hand-drawn;
  • Fascinating detective story;
  • Many objects to interact;
  • Full voice heroes;
  • Easy and intuitive.
Run game at the highest level and any flaws in it just yet. The developers tried to fame and gave players the opportunity to enjoy the religious quest on your mobile device. For such a pleasure to have to pay $ 5, but fans of the genre certainly without regret spend this amount, the more the game fully justifies it.


Broken Sword: Director's Cut - a first-class detective bias quest with Android, which will appeal to all fans of the genre. Thoughtful and exciting plot, laced with professionally drawn graphics will make every minute of the game exciting and fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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