Plants War
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Plants War
Plants War
Plants War

Review Plants War

Evgenii Kostrov
Plants War is an excellent real-time strategy in which you will have to win over the animals. Your same army will consist of plants. To be perfectly honest, we should admit that fauna are far superior in strength and endurance of flora. Now only on this basis should be prepared to fierce fighting, during which you will not have even a few free seconds.
During game play you will receive gold coins and leaves, which are the in-game currency. With these material means you can choose your character from a rather large list of plants or upgrade existing units. In addition to money and gold with each level you will have the experience to rise and appear secret techniques with which you can significantly ease the process of conquering the enemy or defend their fortress. That is the state of the fortresses on both sides will determine the outcome of the battle. Therefore, as soon as possible, to hit it on it dear.
The thing is that it gives birth to the fortress cute cubs, eager to tear apart the next turnip. Though you have the same base, which gives birth to the plant, died in a battle. By the way, not to wait for the death of his character, it is sometimes possible to call up to his castle to replenish health, but there is a catch. It consists in the fact that in such cases the enemy hurries to improve their health, and in the end you will meet again with the enemy, which is full of energy.


In general, if you are not well to consider their course of action can be very long walk around it, periodically restoring the strength of his character, at the same time giving time to restore them to the enemy, but the main problem lies in the fact that such a possibility you will not last long. If you abuse the restoration of health, then very soon you will need the real money (Donut) to play the game. Over 50 levels you will enjoy a fully three-dimensional graphics are decent quality and wonderful music.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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