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Marvel Puzzle
Marvel Puzzle
Marvel Puzzle
Marvel Puzzle
Marvel Puzzle
Marvel Puzzle
Marvel Puzzle
Marvel Puzzle
Marvel Puzzle

Review Marvel Puzzle

Kevin Vadala
Funny dialogue, strategy involved
Marvel Puzzle Quest for Android is a traditional “Bejeweled” type game with a dash of marvel flavoring. In the game, you swap little jewels in order to get multiple jewels in a row. There is plenty of corny dialogue, over the top flashes and comic effects, and even a few noteworthy mechanics that freshen up what would otherwise be a standard clone of Bejeweled.
Marvel Puzzle Quest starts out with some corny dialogue. There's some sort of dilemma, and Dr.Doom promises to bring doom to the world - but then he corrects himself from a horrible cliche by saying “consequences to the world”. Campy jokes like these are filled within the games dialogue that tries to form some sort of story to the arcade type gameplay.
The jewels in the game look pretty basic, and the character design in the dialogue cut scenes looks passable. The game really tries to stand out with it’s bright and flashy effects that the super heroes use when you get long combo chains of matching pieces. Iron Man has a reflector beam that shoots out and lights up the whole screen when you tap on it to power up (put on some sunglasses because you might get blinded). Then Thor hits enemies with his hammer. These spells do damage to the enemy and every time you get a combo you do more damage - which makes you win. This mechanic reminds me fondly of Puzzle Fighter, but since its more luck based, it’s not as satisfying to achieve.
I like how certain pieces within the game require you to eliminate them before a certain amount of moves. It makes things feel more strategic and fast paced instead of mindlessly matching up gems with other gems.
Marvel Puzzle Quest is a heavily stylized matching game. In some ways it tries to be more, and in others it just feels like they are covering it up. I’d recommend the game to a marvel fanatic who loves bejeweled, and for others, the game can be fun and addicting if not relatively shallow and over the top.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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