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Kirill Muhin
Posted: Kirill MuhinTested 05 Jul 2017 on ASUS Nexus 7

Amazingly beautiful and exciting quest

Violett - is a fascinating quest for Android, a cat, you will meet a brave girl Violeta. As planned by the developers she has to go on an exciting and dangerous adventure that begins with a mouse hole. It would be a strange and unknown world ruled Bloody Spider. Look forward to amazing discoveries, incredible characters, dangerous situations and fascinating history.
The game received perfect traced graphics. Each location had its amazing design, as each hero who meet on your way, will have its own character and interesting appearance. Not lazy developers and elaboration of animation, making the game world looks vibrant and saturated. The final touch in the design of the game was the musical arrangement by which highlights all the important points, and the gameplay itself is becoming depleted.


The game is designed in the best traditions of the genre, and this means that during the passage of locations have pretty podnapryach their gyrus. Heroine to find her way back home from a strange world, but it can be done only by destroying bloody spider, which runs the world. During the journey you will come across a variety of tips and characters with which you will be able to find solutions for a variety of puzzles.
To pass another location will have to solve a puzzle and you often have to interact with various objects and build a logical sequence. That is, you will need to perform different actions in a certain order to achieve their goal. Also, you will meet different items that you can take with them. Each subject will play a role, however, is not always clear which will require one or the other thing.
We should also talk about management. To interact with various objects and mechanisms you will need to not just Tapan on him, but also to pull them apart. For example, to move an object you need to click on it and hold your finger to move it to the right place. Initially, such a control system can cause difficulties, but after a little practice, you can easily manipulate any things and mechanisms.

Violett Features for Android:

  • Colorful graphics format 2,5 D;
  • Fascinating story;
  • Unusual and amazing gaming world;
  • A large variety of puzzles;
  • Unusual control.
In terms of gameplay and graphics for the game no complaints - all performed at a high level. But optimization and management clearly limping. In particular, developers are not able to bring to mind control, so some devices are very difficult to interact with certain objects, which makes it impossible playthrough. However, these deficiencies will be corrected for sure after the next game update.


Violett - it's a real quest for Android, which will please all fans of the genre. The game has all the makings for a hit: a thoughtful and fascinating story, colorful graphics and intense gameplay with mass puzzles. Weighing all the pros and cons can be said that the cost of $ 4 game fully justifies.
Final ratings
Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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