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The Creeps!
The Creeps!
The Creeps!
The Creeps!
The Creeps!

Review The Creeps!

Aleksei Chernikov
The Creeps! - This is an interesting and colorful game in the genre of Tower Defense for Android, where the player will have to defend the peaceful sleep of the child. Bed situated at the end of each level, this traditional genre object you want to leave intact. As characters from nightmares appear cartoon monsters, vampires and huge flying skull.
Game development studio took Super Squawk Software, which seems to be the creator of one of the game. Developers strongly develop his creation, releasing additions, adding new levels. A distinctive feature of the game is a lot of small nuances that together make interesting and varied gameplay.


The game is sustained in a cartoon style, so as towers used as toy guns. Monsters move in a special way, and all the rest of the space available for installation of towers. However, in all levels of the area occupied by rocks, trees and tombstones. Clearing the area, the player gets an extra coin for the construction of new, or improve existing towers.
Each level can be played in three modes - Survival («survival»), Endurance («Endurance") and Door Buster («Destroyer door"). The first mode is the classical game a certain number of waves, and the second game means infinite. The task of the third game mode is to destroy the portal door, walked out monsters. It is usually the entire area occupied by the level of various items mentioned above, and the player needs to be done to move the portal.
It is worth noting a large arsenal of towers, each of which can be improved several times. Another player available with special instruments that create massive slowdown or vortex. Additional weapons can be used several times after full recharging. Also a fun addition is pig piggy bank, which saves money every turn. Beat the pig and to receive dividends at any time.

Features The Creeps! for Android:

  • Funny cartoon graphics;
  • Three game modes;
  • Three levels of difficulty;
  • Large arsenal of towers;
  • Additional tools and a convenient piggy bank.
The game is distributed free in Google Play. At the same time you can play for free in just one package of 12 levels, and the remaining five will cost packages for $ 1 each. Given the fact that each mission can go through three different modes in the pelvis, such a price more than democratic. Furthermore, in the game there is no advertising. Thus, the obvious drawbacks in the game has not been noticed, and the developers have managed to make a game with their distinctive features and chips.


Outcome. The Creeps! - This is an interesting game in the genre Tower Defense for Android. Despite the fact that the games of this genre are very similar to each other, there is a lot of proprietary features that make the game unique. Besides free levels are not enough for an hour of fun games.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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