Heroes of Steel RPG
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Heroes of Steel RPG
Heroes of Steel RPG
Heroes of Steel RPG
Heroes of Steel RPG

Review Heroes of Steel RPG

Aleksei Chernikov
Heroes of steel RPG - classic turn-based RPG for Android. After the evil forces seized land, few people were saved in the dungeons. Including four hero with magical powers. The campaign begins with the release from prison of characters, and then develops a script to find the source of evil, accompanied by the destruction of evil warriors.
Game development studio took Cory Trese. The company creates old school RPG on various subjects. So, the studio has created games for space, pirate and cyberpunk themes. Heroes of steel RPG made in the traditional fantasy genre.


The game begins with the selection of characters and complexity. As mentioned above, will have to play just behind the four heroes. In this case there is an alternative choice magical hero - standard and paid with improved magic. Each character has a standard and unchanging set of abilities. By increasing the level can be improved and magic tricks, as well as to distribute talent points. As with all the classic RPG, increase the specified attribute affects different factors. For example, increasing intelligence, magic attacks become stronger.
As you go, you will need to correctly apply the skills of each character. Thus, the game is kind of a puzzle. For example, to open the chest with the desired artifact needed pumped skill "knock". Also, some enemies are only susceptible to magic attack. Of these nuances develops interesting gameplay, where each character is the support of the other.
Manage heroes performed by pressing on the area map. All the characters move on strictly cells. For convenience, the structure of all locations is executed in the form of square tiles. When in sight of enemies appear, the battle mode is activated and each hero is given a certain number of points for the course. Attack is required to choose the required skill and click on the desired yunite. After all the heroes team make moves, attack enemy side.

Features Heroes of steel RPG for Android:

  • Four heroes with unique abilities;
  • Interesting storyline;
  • The possibility of development of each character;
  • A classic turn-based combat system;
  • A large number of enemies and bosses.
The game can be traced to old love RPG developers and graphics here except a very limited management functionality. For example, each character will have to manage separately. This fact makes the game boring as the characters move to the next pack of enemies takes a lot of time. The game has many game purchases - from the unique characters, ending with various bonuses. However, no donation is traversed excellent game on any difficulty level.


Heroes of steel RPG - a turn-based RPG for Android, which is made in the style of classic computer RPG. It should be noted that the game will appeal to those who love the atmosphere of the old school games where the graphics are not that important.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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