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Action Launcher 3
Action Launcher 3
Action Launcher 3
Action Launcher 3
Action Launcher 3
Action Launcher 3
Action Launcher 3
Action Launcher 3
Action Launcher 3

Review Action Launcher 3

Kevin Vadala
Good looking launcher, some handy features
Not powerful enough
Action Launcher 3 for Android is an alternative launcher solution that feels simplistic, but also has some important and essential functions built in; some of which may purely feel like style or aesthetic function. For example, the main action launcher home button screen shortcut that pops up on the side of the app, or some of the features that try to make customizable themes available on the go. A lot of the features advertised on the app seem cool, but prove gimmicky when you try to get things to work.
Action Launcher 3 feels like a fairly solid launcher, but again, it doesn’t really differentiate itself. It’s not really super user friendly, and it doesn’t contain some of the power features included in popular launchers like Nova Prime launcher (which has pages of menus and wide arrays of customization). The main selling points of the app for me are its quick launch bar, easy to access Google Now swipe function, and its advertised widget and folder abilities (which I couldn’t really figure out properly because, after the first tutorial, there isn’t any more documentation available about the app, or the ability to even watch the tutorial again).
The quick launch bar doesn’t feel very useful. It looks neat having all of your icons available in a sidebar with each access available from alphabetic numbering. But this bar, and thus the app, also changes the main app selection screen so it doesn't include a search option, which seems more valuable than the quick launch bar in and of itself. The quick swipe Google Now function is neat, but it's also something seen in other launchers, and not something I personally would find extremely useful. Most of the information provided by Google Now isn’t quite relevant or interesting enough (besides some weather updates and random conveniences like notifications of billing or plane tickets/arrivals).

Final ratings

Usefulness 7/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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Ajay singh
It's a awesome luncher ..thank. sss
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