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Castle Raid 2
Castle Raid 2
Castle Raid 2
Castle Raid 2

Review Castle Raid 2

Aleksei Chernikov
Castle Raid 2 - is a fascinating strategy for Android, which takes place in a medieval fantasy world. The player acts as a commander, and sees the battle field in the top view. The war continues for 20 unique levels, each of which task is to destroy the enemy fortress.
Game development studio took Arcticmill, which is also the author of the first part of the game. She, by the way, came only on iOS and new items differ from the worst graphics, small levels and recruits. In the second part of the game developers have all the defects, and, keeping the idea of ​​gameplay, made a fascinating and thought-out strategy.


Each level of the game - it's a battlefield, on both sides of which there are two locks on the warring parties. Gates of each of the domains out troops, and move towards the enemy castle. The goal is simple - to reach that enemy walls, break defense, and carry in chips defensive towers. In order to build new troops needed cash. Here they are produced by workers who, incidentally, may also fall under attack by enemy forces.
Near the castle there is a panel with player recruits and magical weapons. You can select a team of warriors before each level. All in the game there are 8 units, not counting work that is added to the default command. The key point of the gameplay is that you manage your recruits can not. Control over the army ends with the landing of the units at the desired point below the city walls, after which the troops are in a straight line, avoiding obstacles along the way, and faced with enemy soldiers. Also in the arsenal there are two magic weapons - fireballs and magic rain. The first can destroy enemies throughout the map, and second only to the walls of his castle.
Each of the 20 missions available on three levels of complexity in three modes. The first mode - normal without any ultimatums. Second - game at a time in which, for example, you must destroy the enemy for 1 minute. Third - "Heroic", it is necessary to fight the incomplete number of available recruits against a full army of the enemy. Also, in the main menu of the game modes are available «Head 2 Head», in which you can compete with friends on one device.

Features Castle Raid 2 for Android:

  • Simple operation;
  • Minimalistic graphics;
  • 8 different units;
  • 20 unique levels;
  • Three levels of difficulty;
  • Three game modes;
  • Ability to play with friends.
The game is one of the best in its genre. Minuses of the game simply do not, from the first minute strategy draws its simplicity and, at the same time, the need to make tactical decisions. The game will cost $ 3, and it does not contain advertising and in-game purchases. I should add that for comfortable playing with friends is better to use the tablet.


Castle Raid 2 - this is an interesting strategy for Android, a simple control that hides the need for thinking through each action. Game features interesting gameplay and lots of levels with different modes that will give many hours of exciting battles.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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